A VIP Tour can have many ingredients. What is your favorite mix, tell me via

My own first idea is a HEALTH 4VIP Tour: we focus on your health, personally. It starts with assessing your score on following 9 success elements of the Blue Zones:

Then we travel the island collecting inspiration relative to your score, personally. These 9 success elements have 3 physical, 3 mental and 3 social sections, thus covering the complete vitality pyramid. More than a private tour this will be a major vitality boost!


We get in the car, comfortable. During preparation I heard you say you like X. Who or what on the island can inspire you further, most probably both ways,
showing you a Sardinian variation, way, perhaps a really ancient way too? I prepared this! And I remember you saying yesterday Y. So I’ll keep an eye on Y for you too, en route.

And why? Because synchronicity might help as well, adding extra spice. ‘Hey, that sign there, let me walk back a minute, well, well, what a coincidence. Can we do this? Mm, tell you what…’ Now you understand why I like to know what intrigues you amongst so many options.

Don’t be afraid: all has been thought of. It starts with us sitting at the table, a map in front of us, drawing circles around points of your interest, brainstorming together, in good conversation too. Linking people, places. Plotting freely, with some flexibility, some mild ‘madness’ too, perhaps, that old sparkle? Basically looking for inspiration, during an inspiring adventure. We can sleap in venues between simple and posh, depending on budget. We consider options, choose wisely, and enjoy great surprises and such great feeling too, in a way taht you can handle, of course.

Use me as your eloquent, easily connecting, caring, humourous, wisely listening sparring partner and expert guide with much love and passion for this work and Sardinia. There, seeing me at work, they often call me ‘solare’, radiant. They see my energy, and recognise that.

Indeed I connect easily with ‘new’ people, whatever their disguise :), I interpret between you and Sardinia(ns). You’ll be going more Into the Sards, that can really surprise and inspire. They treat us
well and remain themselves.

In combination to what makes Sardinia so special, and creatively linked to that, my VIP-tours are inspired on you, personally. Do tell me what interests or perhaps even intrigues you?

I think and connect quickly and also ‘feel’ solutions. As soon as you start talking, I listen and link. It’s a playful thing for me, I like it. So welcome even over 65 year olds, not walking that well anymore but so very much desiring safe adventure too. Call +31-6-11334511 for a quick first round, no obligation? I will show unique places and people that are not even famous yet. Experience them from close-by too? Inspiring, I guarantuee:

Useful and fun, a parent-child tour, to strenghten bonds (more), for instance after a divorce or just as a reward after a difficult year, real quality time together:

Beaches, posh, modesty, no go areas, solitude, bustling life, peaks, valleys, underground, classical, not always even official… Life! Let’s talk about what intrigues you. We always have a good exchange, and it now all starts with your email to:, or your call to: 0031-6-11 33 45 11. I’ll be your caring attentive expert guide.

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