Sardinia offers the perfect stage for our discovery weeks. Discovery of true nature, true self,  pure energy, radiance. The land itself seems to reward our focus and intentions: pure synchronicity presents itself quicker, more openly. Eye-opening, mind-opening, heart-opening.

We enjoy all that travelling in compact groups: all like-minded people with courage, sense of wonder, positive intentions for a New World, offering their positive uniqueness.  Paradisiaco!

Only if this resonates, then please scroll through the events below, email your question to info@keepalivetours.com and do fill out the preliminary registration form?

We are so very much looking forward to your contribution to our inspiring adventure!

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“Being together as a group was cosy, safe, open-minded, meaningful. My beautiful week on Sardinia gave me insights, experiences and connections that still resonate in me.”
“What a week! I’ve cried, laughed, danced, learnt, grown, and I’ve become one with Sardinia.”

“My marvellous week with delightful, talented people has physically and mentally nurtured me.”
“This week ‘off the beaten track’ for me has been an unforgettable mixture of knowledge, sense of humour, personal attention, wit, musical taste and depth.”

“I´ve got such a splendid insight in the heart and soul of Sam´s beloved Sardinia! And his ability to see the positive and the beauty in everything is downright contagious.”
“How to caracterize this week? Everything was perfectly cared for, going with the flow, caring, moving, spectacular, sense of wonder, compassion and… we laughed our socks off!”