These times of change inspire to go ‘inside’, don’t they? They do. Superficial is out, personally meaningful is in.

Welcome on what you might even call Sardinia Healing Tours, for they are respectful, careful, powerful, courageous, connecting. Precisely what the earth needs, and we as people.

We come full of positive intentions and Sardinia – the land, nature, people – does appreciate that! The result might seem magical at times, but it is an exchange. Two-way.

Underlying themes:
– bring together positive people
– create positive connection with inspiring Sardinia
– create more trust, confidence, sparkle, courage, energy.

For example 1: in a compact group tour, as you see below. Fellowships of like-minded people!

For example 2: venture out ‘on your own’, inspired by my personal location coaching via Whatsapp,
when renting my 14th Century Sardinia Base.

13 April 2022
11 September 2022

‘Seriously, Sam, travelling more meaningfully?’ Yes! Playfully wise travelling can be a life reflecting journey. Inspiring, giving hope, confidence, good mood. So more than ‘just giving rest’. Rest can be found elsewhere too, don’t come to Sardinia just for that. Come to Sardinia for Sardinia, its special life inspiration. Rich metaphors!

On a compact group tour – always focusing on serenity, with privacy – you only travel with mostly like-minded people. Like you did, they choose for a specific theme! There will always be a passionately special coach joining, offering his/her particular friendly loving inspiration and motivation. Which theme listed above touches you?

My special touch is getting noticed more in Sardinia too! In the video: tap on the screen for English subtitles.

Keep Alive Tours’ Sardinia map on Google Maps has beautiful useful places marked in all angles of Sardinia. We can be anywhere. In fact few Sardinians know the island as deeply as I do. I personally visited all places, finding them, screening them, for instance on discoveries that started from this central Sardinia location: Sardinia Retreat Base, that might also be a stage on a tour or retreat. Reviews on Sardininia Retreat Base here.

Of course you can enjoy it as your own private holiday home too renting it with your partner, family, friends.

Or consider it as a location for a retreat given by you! We are very experienced in making this come true!?

Here a presentation of the house and environment.

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