Isn’t the proof of the pudding in the eating? I help you to find ways to practically apply the Blue Zone-longevity-guidelines. I do it myself and I am still fit and free at nearly 60. Pick it all up on Sardinia, with it’s pure energy and serenity. At least where we go.

I easily spot relations and useful positive information and links. I think in possibilities and experiment on myself too: I was among the first Dutch national instructors in Mindful running, Runningtherapy and Sportresting in The Netherlands. I make things light, lighter. You may book me as a speaker on your event.

Here you see my card of the Blue Zone-guidelines. The bird, that’s you. You need some boldness, to step out of your habit, and to start turning the wheels of health around you, one positive step after the other.


My name is Samuele (Sam) Pitzalis. Here you see me checking on the maggot chees for you; well, doable :). Official tour operator and somewhat inspiring, at times. Born in The Netherlands out of Sardinian parents; my heart beats Sardinia. I’ve visited it my entire life (since 1965), my roots and love for it are deep. All the more after a divorce, searching comfort, and finding it. It’s like synchronicity follows me, rewards me, on my island, by allowing me to connect to the right peoaple and find just that particular place. Those experience and open attitude I gladly pass on, personally.
I can be somewhat adventurous and spontaneous, but that’s mostly grasping the moment, the opportunity. Welcome to join me!

I’ve become something of an Expert in Unknown Sardinia, in these years. But it’s not only the facts that interest me, but also the inspiration in it for us: life-inspiration. This unique temple island in the world is full of it?

I love to use these places for inspiration: what do they suggest, what is their lesson, message. Join me
deep back in time, intense silence: eye-opening, mind-opening, heart-opening.

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    Typically me: an old man, in the middle of nowhere, wandered off to find his cow, showed me the most hidden entrance, and it was a first time entrance for him too: ‘I was too scared to go in, all my life’. Both happy, new friend!

    And this is at the end of an adventure week full of discovery: sparkling! Do join us.