After years of diverse discovery now I know a lot about Remarkeable & Blue Zone Sardinia. That discovery includes also gathering information from books and sites that present possible explanations for the mysteries that Sardinia has, in great numbers.

I have eye for the positively interesting, and quickly see differences and relations. And possibilities. I ventured more in the sports world until some years ago, being amongst the first national instructors in Mindful running, Runningtherapy and Sportresting in The Netherlands. The common ground in those all are ‘be still able, but strain yourself less, which is physically smart on the long run too’.
And wouldn’t you know: the same goes for longevity and Blue Zones! The message is simple: give positive attention to these aspects and you will last longer:

I shed my personal and factual light on this matter at presentations; you may also book me as a speaker on your event. From wine tasting to cultural evening to promotional event.

Below you see my Appearances, where I tell about Remarkeable and Zone Sardinia. It inspires me personally too!


My name is Samuele (Sam) Pitzalis. Here you see me checking on the maggot chees for you; well, doable :). Official tour operator and somewhat inspiring, at times. Born in The Netherlands out of Sardinian parents; my heart beats Sardinia. I’ve visited it my entire life (since 1965), my roots and love for it are deep. All the more after a divorce, searching comfort, and finding it. It’s like synchronicity follows me, rewards me, on my island, by allowing me to connect to the right peoaple and find just that particular place. Those experience and open attitude I gladly pass on, personally.
I can be somewhat adventurous and spontaneous, but that’s mostly grasping the moment, the opportunity. Welcome to join me!

I’ve become something of an Expert in Remarkeable Sardinia, in thse years. I already liked unsolved mysteries a lot, well, Sardinia is full of them, evenywhere. Yu might says it hasn’t really been discovered yet! Imagine Belgium with so many white dots: all prehistorical water temples, towers, giant’s graves, fairy houses and so on. A unique temple island in the world?

I love to show you the most hidden ánd beautiful ones. I know the official explanations for what we see and the less official :), that tend to be much more fun! Join me deep back in time, intense silnence. All that without having to plough in great heat through shrubs with thorns. I did all that hard labour, now you can enjoy.

I’m also an Expert Blue Zone Sardinia: Healthy 100. Most inspiring is what Sardinia’s many 100 year olds have done to remain in such great health for so long. So it’s more than just reaching a 100 years. All my instructors courses focussed on ‘making wiser choices on the long run’: mindful running, sportresting, runningtherapy, even reiki and aikido have deeply meaningful elements. I’m lovingly investigative, and keep the useful aspects of all. There’s always a beautiful element to be seen, that can inspire then and in life. That should be kept alive, and now you understand why I invite you – as Keep Alive Tours – to join me on Adventure, or a Training/Retreat or a VIP Tour.

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Typically me: an old man, in the middle of nowhere, wandered off to find his cow, showed me the most hidden entrance, and it was a first time entrance for him too: ‘I was too scared to go in, all my life’. Both happy, new friend!


And this is at the end of an adventure week full of discovery: sparkling! Do join us.