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  • DAY 1: After arrival in Cagliari Airport, transfer to the first cluster of places from the book. Explaining the non-coincidental lay-out of prehistoric towers on Sardinia; picturing the equinox and solstice lines, with view on the exact location from the book; illustrating now mostly hidden lines around the original centre; visiting by boat the exact location of the original Atlantis city, now under water; dining in freshest fish restaurant, caught on site. Extra tasty?
  • DAY 2: To the second cluster of places from the book. Why are some nuragic towers real chambers of light and where do they appear to be alligned too? On to the female achaeoastronomy’s masterpiece in the entire Mediterranean, and it’s allignments to ‘not just’ heavenly bodies and constellations. On to the volcanic springs Plato speaks of too. Night and dinner in monumental village in old volcano.
  • DAY 3: To the third cluster of places in the book: to the Tomb of the Bull, and with good reason, not only the fantastic landscape; on to the deeply geometric ‘memorial’ circle, ‘coincidentally’ also close to a baffling Egyptian pyramids reference; on to Sardinia’s cathedral of archeoastronomical references, part of a Pleiadean constellation on earth; including a prehistorical life-labyrinth, illustrating Atlantis-values Plato spoke of; dinner and night at the feet of The Sacred Mountain.
  • DAY 4: To the fourth cluster of places from the book: to the Seven Sisters’ water village, contemplating Atlantis’ idyllic gardens; on to one of the most stunning tower complex on the island, not randomly set in the rich residential part of the Atlantis metropole that the book suggests to have been located there; visit to the Giant’s statues with ‘memorial’ eyes; visit to the second escape city after sea levels rose; dinner and night in the area, in a circle shaped complex too.
  • DAY 5: Early rise to go on a boat tour to the basaltic colums the book suggests to have seen rising out of the waters when sea levels were much lower. See if we can snorkle there!
  • DAY 6: To the fifth cluster of places from the book, marvelling about all the exact angle degrees that seem to pop up in remarkable places in Sardinia, interlinking them. We visit some of them, set around the most likable candidate for post-deluge refuge 🙂 Majestic! Circles, spirals, allignments, vortexes… What an intelligent construction then, and reconstruction now. Together we will enjoy a very special discovery energy, we will probably feel like being part of a Fellowship of Atlantis Interested Friends.
  • DAY 7: Back to Cagliari and on the way a hidden but o so clearly Sfynx like water temple. After all these energy charging places we also feed our bodies extra well: a specific Blue Zone centenareans cheese and wine, symbolic for the paradisiacal environment and food in days long gone by, in the Lost Paradise we might (?) have rediscovered during this fantastic week. Arrival in Cagliari and fascinating presentation on it’s geometry and allignment with the presumed Atlantis location, as ‘so coincidentally’ goes for a multitude of ports and countries in the Mediterranean and far abroad, all the way to even Peru!
  • DAY 8: We arrived in Cagliari yesterday evening, so it’s easy to catch your plane back on Saturday. Connecting all the dots together also with the writer, and knowing what we know now… looking around in marvel and in pride: we have been and probably will remain on a fascinating new trail here, that at least will have us visit some most peculiar and mysterious sites in the entire Mediterrean on this island, that indeed feels like an ancient continent. Note that even archaeologically ‘spoiled’ Italians already refer to Sardinia as La Isola Mito: the Island of Myths. Well, just wait until this book gets the attention that it deserves!

Whenever you want this year. Come and find and admire the traces of for instance the completely new ‘Sardinia is Atlantis’-hypothesis of French writer Marc Deneux. This is your chance not only to see standard known and not so known Sardinian megalithical sites in a special perspective, but also to build inside us all this peculiar energy that seems to bind us humans: the longing for Heaven on Earth, the longing back for a Lost Paradise. ‘We had it then’, and we still have it in our collective memory. Let’s get closer to that feeling, step by step, following the book Marc Deneux wrote. A journey that will feel as a Fellowship of Atlantis Quest: a fascinating week visiting 5 clusters of places mentioned in his book. Every day – surely exchanging on the matter also with other members of the group – illustrates his completely new hypothesis that Atlantis must have been just off the Sardinian coast, now. Not only will we visit places there, even including a boat trip, we will also follow the Atlanteans presumed steps more inland, up to a drier place, with fascinating connections and sites around, newly explained by this fascinating hypothesis. This week long Sardinia tour will not only spark our imagination and intellect, it will also warm your heart: the excursions and the way they are presented will go right into the heart & soul of this island, on the verge of becoming world famous indeed. Be there, join this quest that will surely see synchronicity / serendipity presenting extra proof and… sparkle. Price for one person: 3000 euro for a week, for two 2500 pp, for three 2000 pp. More people on request.


Well, before we start anyway: note that we will be on a very special island indeed! In between visits and excursions, of course the Plato reference to Atlantis people living a very long healthy life will be discussed right here, on Sardinia. And this is why: it boasts the presence of one of the world’s longevity hotspots called Blue Zones. You will hear the story about this and of course we wonder: can we keep their lifestyle alive in our own lifes too? (The answer is yes.)

For instance we visit sites where traces in the landscape have been overlooked, but that seem to fit marvellously in the hypothesis presented by Marc Deneux. With many illustrations explained on site! And what do the fishermen right there remember? Let’s ask them!

They might take us here: why are these ‘colums’ there? They indeed could have formed the famous pillars of Hercules, because you have to look at the sea bottom map of so many 1000nds of years ago. It’s there, and also the very centre of the capital is visible on the charts… Indeed it was a fantastic place to keep an eye on celestial bodies moving, etuning, in cycles…

Not only the city itself had all these allignments, but why do so many Sardinian prehistorical towers have them too, allignments to specific sun-or-moon-moments? And even on certain star constellations?

The lay-out of Atlantis might indeed have served as a calendar and as a compass at the same time. Discover the allignments on site in Sardinia too, and see the links to the location of many Mediteranean ports and other sites around Atlantis. Too much ‘coincidence’…/SAM_HOOGTEPUNT] [SAM_HOOGTEPUNT]Quite some wisdom in the field of geometry will be illustrated, in world unique sites that prehistorical ancestors have left for us: ‘to decipher’, or can we indeed say ‘to remember’?

Why are there so incredibly many prehistorical monuments linked to star constellations, and not only to Orion, that you see imaged here, but also to the Pleiades, the supposed origin of Atlanteans?

Can you imagine: this lay-out of the Pleiades is reflected by the position of prehistorical towers on Sardinia, in a special site that of course we visit too: one of the world’s major ‘cathedrals in achaeoastronomy’!

With all these ‘incredible’ places and hypotheses and exchanges, we need good rest too. Well, don’t worry at all: just one of them is in one of the finest of all Borghi Autentici d’Italia, an official Authentic Hamlet in Italy. Here we stay in two traditional old stone houses, of which you see the facade here. And interior and surroundings here. The atmosphere of the village also at night oothes great serenity and sparkle. Mineral richness? Energy? We are in an old volcanic crater! Sleeps really deep :), in two ways. And the food? From restaurant to Sardinian picnic lunch in between transfers: tasty intervals in a unique journey.


On demand in 2024. Duration± a week.
Price for one person: 3000 euro for a week, for two 2500 pp, for three 2000 pp. More people on request. For a spectacular, moind-opening discovery and rediscovery, in a small and flexible Fellowship, never more than 6 people. We enjoy full board: breakfast and dinner in hotel or restaurant or at home, and hihly praised picnic lunches with local Sardinian products only. Meals include local wine and home made liquor and minerally healthy spring water and Italian coffee. The price also includes entrance fees. All programmed transfers together are included too: to sites we visit and from and to the airport.
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