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  • FIRST 2 DAYS: From Cagliari transfer into the spectacular Sardinian Barbagia-region to begin your journey. Meeting the authentic people and immersing you in the ancient culture of masks from this historic region. You will spend time making your own mask that represents your past identity. Staying in a highly praised agriturismo: offering great honest food. You will also participate in the transformational mask burning ceremony.
  • SECOND 2 DAYS: The theme is: how to bring optimal states of consciousness? You will join the exclusive pilgrimage to Hobbit-like dwellings, experiencing a rare opportunity to be in wild nature with the trusted guidance of our nature expert. You will learn how local people live longer, embracing choices that symbolise a long life. You will feel, think, choose and build confidence to get confident. Extra pure nature and richly rugged, to be mesmerised by the honesty of real Sardinia. Using your brains too: the organ that is built to change in response to experience. So you will learn:
    • Statuses of mind, if we measure the amount of challenge people experience and the amount of skills they feel they have at that moment (anxiety, worry, apathy, boredom, relaxation, arousal, control and flow)
    • Conditions and triggers, that help to bring the optimal statuses of mind, when person feels his/her best and performs his/her best;
    • techniques to strengthen growth mind set;
    • reaching deep focus – totally be absorbed in their actions and tasks;
    • getting comfortable with challenges;
    • taking educated risks;
    • performing in high consequences environment.
  • FINAL 2 DAYS: deepening the creation of your new identity and connecting with your soul. Drafting a soul contract and making a new ‘mask’, near yet another Sardinian mask village. Sharing your new mask with the tribe, safe in the fellowship and forming connections for life, a true and happy life. Some journey this has been, following your pre-work, before joining.
  • DEPARTURE DAY: Completing your transformational experience feeling courageous, confident and connected.


In these 6 heart- and mind- and eye-opening days in Sardinia you can leave behind your past, in case you feel that past has defined you too strictly, severely, stubbornly. On this meaningful journey you unmask your true identity. Because sure, you know your identity, but might there be something to unmask, allowing your soul to reveal itself more? Only come if your honest answer here is ‘yes’. Be part of a small fellowship of like minded people, understanding the importance of truthfulness.
Be inspired by three coaches, guiding and supporting your transformation. First heal your past when we burn the old mask. Then create a new mask, only to symbolise what your new identity and soul desire. We do that work in and around two authentic Sardinian pagan carnival mask villages, and all this in a selection of the most beautiful Sardinian energy: deep past, authentic present, more than enough energy and wisdom to last a long and healthy life. You will be immersed in the heart of the Blue Zone: a wise and safe setting to start nurturing a healthy true identity. Self-sabotage coach Damian, flow coach Jurgita and serenity coach Sam welcome you to make this great Sardinia adventure.
Only come if you have courage to let go of your past, if you want more confidence to create the new and for long-lasting connection with your heart and soul. Two completely different mask villages, one Fellowship to reveal the truth. After this retreat, you will bring more often optimal states of mind, also to experience happiness at the same time. You also will know how to integrate new psychological skills into personal life and in business. The retreat language is English, but coaches also speak Italian, Dutch, Lithuanian and Russian.


Adventurous? Yes, and safe. You will be in the safety of a secure group in all circumstances. When you do challenging things like the Pilgrimage to the Hobbit like dwellings, you will be in a purest of Sardinian pristine mountain environment. You will be taken to exclusive locations that are sacred, to experience a rare opportunity to experience new perspectives on yourself – building courage to go under the surface. Like one of us is about to go here.

Metaphorically wearing a mask is not doing your body good: the body will present the consequences. Joining this week you invest in confidently keeping all these elements alive. And thus yourself. This is more than just an adventure: it’s life quality also on the very long run. You may have heard of Blue Zones? Your quest fits beautifully. You invest in sparkling health also on the very long run.

The first village we stay (around) for the first 2 days has masks like the one on the far left: all the same, they walk in line, robotlike, coping, being driven by someone with a lassoo. Not individuals. The best symbolical place to realize the mask conceiling own true identity, own heart and soul. It’s one of the famous pagan carnival villages on Sardinia. The name Mamoiada sounds like a lament, doesn’t it?

Walking to the peak experience – the Fellowship of the Unmasked – we encounter water, flow, flow, flows. Nature requires action, energy, practical steps, not in a straight line, but somewhat bending around obstacles, safely, tested, inspiring, energizing. We will have gained confidence for the scenic but temporarily demanding trail up to the beautiful and sacred path guided by our mountain leader. Physical, mental, you’ll be ready, kept safe and helped by experienced coaches.

Here you see one of the masks of Ottana, on a mural. Their set of masks for us symbolise choice of mask, trueness. During the carnival they challenge authority, choosing self determination. Slightly rebellious. Authenticity! We will make a new mask, alligned with trueness. Like on all other days, we will also visit world unique prehistorical places with rich metaphor, and panorama, and energy. Places where Sardinia’s Heart & Soul pound, proudly: soulfire!

The places where you will stay are more than just nice: authentic, with a good atmosphere. They all bring you back to original, pure, rich simplicity, simple richness. Often elegant, tasteful, not in a superficial way, masking something, but being themselves. In the Hobbit dwelling you will be provided with everything you need for a good night’s sleep. You will be in the remote areas of the ancient mountains, far from luxury and away from your comfort zone. Here you will experience the simplicity of your own transformation in the safety of the Fellowship. The rugged, rustic and real beauty of this exclusive location is memorable and makes a lasting impression on all visitors. This is a most valuable occasion of the week, despite its simple appearance.

Our guide (left) for the exclusive pilgrimage to the sacred mountainous area. Together we tell you how old Sardinians keep so fresh at super high age, and what can keep us modern people fresh & cool too. We both are well over 50 and put wise traditional knowledge into daily practice: not only in these pristine surroundings, but also back home. During the inspirational transition you will be guided to bridge the gap between your old identity and connect with your soulfire.

Damian is a self-confessed life-long learner. Through many years of personal development he discovered a perfect blend of methodologies to overcome the impact of sabotage and heal emotional suffering. He now dedicates himself to teaching transformational thinking, improving mental fitness and through his unique understanding of how to pivot your mindset. He’s an international best-selling author and recently completed his latest book: How To Pivot Your Mindset – Post Lockdown Edition. Based on the island of Sardinia he feels the depth of the culture and importance of the energy of the sacred places. Quote from Damian: “I spent many years hiding behind a mask – concealing my suffering and putting up a false identity. The ultimate way to heal your suffering at the deepest level is to uncover your emotional wound. Knowing how to pivot your mindset is fundamental to you healing from your past. I learnt to liberate my soul and I can guide and support you to do the same.”

Tour operator Sam has a deep love for and ancient roots in Sardinia. And for staying alive! In that process he likes to discover and disclose and present useful, pratical information. He likes to be helped by serendipity, ‘perhaps God’s way to remain anonymous’. Instructor in Mindful run, Smooth running, Blue Zone coaching, interested in wisely physical ánd serenely metaphysical. Quick wit and analysis, broad interest and great health. Your guardian angel for a week. Keeps vampires from your door. Not only Covid-19 fears hím, also the famous Sardinian maggot cheese. That cóuld be offered too, but nothing at all is embarassing this week. You are absolutely safe, we do appreciate that you dared to join on not your average retreat. Quote from Sam: “Appreciate nature, natural energy, and it will appreciate us. It will even whisper solutions! You will see: inspiration is all around us, if we actively open up to it.”

Look, this is probably the heaviest type of climbing that we will make. No need to be an athlete, and we help each other too, keeping it safe, friendly, doable. There is mountain river trout here, in cleenest of all waters. Nature at it’s best. No pressure on nature, travelling with 9 people max. Us at our best!

Count on seeing spectacular nature, in its purety. Grand views ánd intimate beauty. This tree has recently been brought to the attention of Europe’s expert on ancient trees. (His Big Book needs re-editing now.) It may look as intricate as your ways of not disclosing your true identity in life. But it sure has lasting beauty within too.

Never as daring as here we will ‘plunge’ ourselves in deep beauty! The picture does give a good image of that beauty: rugged, ancient, vibrant. This nicely symbolizes some of the courage asked of you and needed to step forward!

A mural in the first mask village. See the guys right, all conforming to the rest and especially to the guy on the left, holding the rope? Well, you can be the one on the far right. Enough.


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START 23 October 2024 & FINISH 30 October 2024
The 2222 Euro includes full board: freshly prepared breakfast and dinner in a hotel or restaurant. Plus each day a healthy picnic lunch, with local Sardinian products only. Meals include proudly made local wine and home made liquor and healthy mineral rich water and coffee/tea. All entrance fees and tips are included, as well as all transfers together: to sites and people we visit, and from and to the airport together on Sardinia. Extra transfers, so not together: surcharge. Since participants can come from all over the world, your flights in and out Sardinia are not included.
You share a fine double room, with separate bedds, but couples can of course have a version with one bed. (Scarce!) single rooms are at surcharge; they are double rooms occupied by one person. You will be accompanied throughout by experienced guides and you will have unlimited access to the personal coaches for 1:1 and group discussions. There will be regular refreshment stops included.
About logistics, please contact Sam, via or via Whatsapp: 0031-6-11 33 45 11. About the program please contact Damian on 0044-7919-522-246, also via Whatsapp.
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