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Three Deep Sardinia Blue Zone Inspiration Days

Visiting Sardinia, well, sure, you can settle with visiting hidden peculiar places and people and thus get a feeling of the beautiful unique Sardinian atmosphere!

But on top: you can also visit them in an extra meaningful manner: because of their link to the Blue Zone lifestyle that Sardinia is world famous for. And that you can apply (even better) personally too.

In 3 unforgettable days you will train yourself to ‘see’ more reminders of that lifestyle around you. Imagine how it would be for your children to be ‘educated’ in this way? You’d give them something very special and healthy also on the long run in life.

You’ll visit one of the 1000s mysterious nuraghe-tower complexes, hidden in the green, a vegetable garden, a waterfall and it’s lush surroundings, where of course a cool dip is possible, but not necessary:

…a top traditional knife maker, passionate organisers of villa events, a small wine maker, a liquor maker with a special musical talent, a traditional tailor, a home cooking lady will teach us rich simplicity, and a baffling prehistorical water temple to come back to in other seasons too.

You’ll discover special little inspirational places also around your very special home, also on a dedicated Blue Zone walk, that not only shows you hidden beauty: it teaches you how to ‘see it everywhere’ from now on. Also back home!

All within 15 seconds to 15 minutes from a centuries old traditional home (awarded a 9,8 on in 2021).

In that lovely detailed home, tucked away in romantic picturesque alleys with serene atmosphere…

…,you will have your own traditional Sardinian room (heated, cooled, with private facilities, sharing the living and kitchen with your inspiring and most respectful host for these 3 Deep Sardinia Retreat Days. You will be his special guest, possibly together with 2 other people in one of the other traditional rooms in the house.

Complete breakfast will be at home, in a cosy atmosphere.

…and dinner will be twice in local restaurants – fixed menu tasting local dishes – and once with a darling local home cooking lady.


– per double room, so for 2 people together, for 3 nights, in a comfortable heated / cooled room with private facilities

– with 3 dinners (vegetarian no problem) and 3 lunch picnics in beautiful places, as mentioned above, plus spontaneous visits and a coffee stop

– with personally guide Blue Zone inspiration personally presented paying visits to inspirational places and people

– always Blue Zone-related guided visits to selected musical liquor maker, to traditional shepherd’s knife maker, biological selfcare ointments maker, local wine maker, old traditional tailor… and more!

Booking and enquiry:

PS: Would you like to be inspired by some special Sardinia info anyway? Then join the Facebook-group ‘Mooi Bijzonder Gezond Inspirerend Sardinië’, in Dutch but automatically translated. The group is owned by your host during your Deep Sardinia Retreat days in Santu Lussurgiu and area. He organises professional small group retreats on Blue Zone related topics throughout Sardinia. And now you’re also welcome in his house.

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