Laden Evenementen



  • DAY 1: Our 6 day full immersion hero journey into the spectacular Sardinian Barbagia-region starts in Perdasdefogu, a 1,5 hour transfer from Cagliari and one of the two famous Blue Zone-related villages we’ll visit. Dinner in a delightful country restaurant, with a magnific sunset behind the hills. Authentic people, great honest food!

  • DAY 2: En route to our second Blue Zone village, Villagrande Strisaili, we’ll visit Pranu Mutteddu, the Stonehenge of Sardinia, a metaphorically rich prehistoric and still mysterious site, full of stone rows and circles and a place where you can really centre yourself. We’ll spend the night in a country hotel near Villagrande Strisaili, enjoy a fine authentic Sardinian evening meal and prepare for our pristine ‘away-from-it-all journey’ into the mountains.

  • DAY 3: An early start, we’ll meet our local nature guide for our two-day beautiful mountain pilgrimage. Only part is by car the rest is walking and talking and learning about his Blue Zone philosophy and life in general. And having fun, helping each other, also physically. Not a walk in the park, but an honest experience, including a shepherd’s meal in our guide’s beautiful retreat in this rarely visited mountain valley. We’ll sleep in hobbit-like dwellings. It will feel like and actually IS an exclusive pilgrimage, a rare opportunity to be in wild nature with the trusted guidance of our local nature expert. You will learn how local people live longer, embracing choices that nurture a long life. You will feel, think, choose and build confidence to step into your power. Extra pure nature and richly rugged, to be mesmerised by the honesty of the real Sardinia.

  • DAY 4: Walk back to civilisation, probably after an early rise with the sun, trying to spot the wild mountain goats in their majestic habitat. During the journey there on Day 3 and back on Day 4, a few hours each way, we’ll have opportunities for 1:1 walk and talk coaching and group coaching in nature, inspired by the spectacular nature around us.
    After this experience, we will make a first serious effort to keep alive ‘in normal life’ what we’ve just learnt: we sleep in a hotel, okay, even with warm water too, unlike in the mountain retreat, but our restaurant meal will reflect the simple richness of the Blue Zone style of eating.

  • DAY 5: Transfer to the famous mask village of Mamoiada, for a visit to the Museum of Mediterranean Masks, after yet another Blue Zone inspired picnic lunch in beautiful nature – keep alive, remember? – and then a visit to a local mask maker to see how it’s done. We’ll then spend some creative play time working on decorating our own personal mask, of surprising origin. Every superhero has a mask, no? The result will be sent to your home, as a powerful reminder and inspiration for the hero that is you.
    After the workshop we’ll transfer to the village of Oliena, for a well-deserved final group dinner that celebrates all of you heroes and a special Sardinian hero – the only Italian Nobel Prize of literature winner, Grazia Deledda.  In a fantastic homey atmosphere, prepared by a proud female cook, this meal draws on 120-year-old recipes which appeared in Deledda’s novels. This ‘a tavola con Grazia’ dinner is conquering Sardinian restaurants that are still proud of their Sardinian origins: not cooking for tourists but cooking from the heart and soul of Sardinia. Authenticity, exactly the thing you have been personally exploring during these inspiring Sardinia days. We’ll spend the night in a lovely mountain hotel.

  • DAY 6: We’ll awaken to a beautiful sunrise and gather together to celebrate the end of our hero’s journey, set our intentions for going forward, and bid arrivederci till the next time we meet. Transfer back to Cagliari, probably not saying goodbye forever to your companions on this short but intense week, people that will feel as part of your new tribe, for life, for a true and happy life. Some journey this has been, following your pre-work, before joining.



Imagine 6 days immersed in a Mediterranean paradise filled with hill walking, forest bathing, encounters with waterfalls, a pilgrimage with a nature expert, an overnight in hobbit houses in an ultra-pure ‘pastoral’ mountain retreat, meditation and mindfulness practices in nature, healthy authentic Blue Zone culinary adventures, creative play, mystical and mysterious prehistoric sacred ruins, and glorious sunrises.

In these 6 heart- and mind- and eye-opening days we will experience together a unique journey into the interior of the Sardinian Blue Zone… and you! and what it means to live well. A chance to deepen and renew your connection with yourself and re-commit to self-love and self-care. Rebalance and reenergise, let go of what’s holding you back, step into your power and rewrite the narrative on your own hero’s journey in life. You are more beautiful, more worthy, more resilient than you may think.

Why do so many of us put ourselves and our needs last? Do everything for everyone else and neglect ourselves. Well, it can’t go on! Because you can’t pour from an empty cup… The most important relationship you will have in your life is with yourself. It requires as much love, time, and commitment as any relationship. Self-care is not selfish; it’s essential for living well. It’s a mindset thing. On this meaningful journey, nature itself with the guidance of experienced human coaches, will be your coach. This journey will engage all your senses and inspire you to reconnect with your core values and rekindle your love for self and what it means to live well. You will surprise and delight yourself with your own resourcefulness and resilience. Make yourself a priority! Indulge in time for you on this journey with a small fellowship of like-minded people.

This is a coaching in nature retreat in the heart of one of the world’s Blue Zones. There will be some pre-retreat work, including a 45-minute discovery call with your coach, to set some reflection work in motion. We’ll start the journey with some grounding and releasing activities. Our pilgrimage into the mountains will be an opportunity to dive deeper into a range of related ‘live well’ themes and learn the Blue Zone secrets of a long, healthy and happy life. We’ll then spend a day exploring masks and create your own unique mask to symbolise and inspire you as hero of your own life. And, finally, we’ll set some intentions for how you’ll go forward once you’re home. There will be a follow-up session with your coach post retreat to see how you’re getting on with loving yourself and living well.

Are you ready for a unique experience immersed in the most beautiful Sardinian energy: deep past, authentic present, more than enough energy and wisdom to last a long and healthy life?

This retreat is for you if you are…

  • craving a renewed sense of your life purpose,
  • feeling stuck and holding yourself back from manifesting your dream life,
  • seeking a deeper connection with nature and yourself,
  • searching for an immersive authentic adventure in a beautiful place,
  • curious to learn more about Sardinia, Blue Zone principles, and slow living,
  • interested in connecting with other people on a quest to live well.

If this sounds like you, we’d be delighted to have you join us:

  • Good vibes & fun – we all expand in positive energy. Embrace your inner child!
  • Openness & playfulness – we all have an interesting story to tell. Be curious!
  • Love, kindness & respect – we’re all human. Be generous!
  • Strength orientation – we all have gifts. Be encouraging and uplifting!
  • Humility & empathy – we are only experts in ourselves. Be compassionate!

The retreat language is English, but coaches also speak Italian, Dutch, and some German and French.


An adventurous jump? Yes, and a safe one. You will be in the safety of a secure group in all circumstances. When you do challenging things like the pilgrimage to the hobbit like dwellings, you will be in a purest of Sardinian pristine mountain environment. You will be taken to exclusive locations that are sacred, to experience a rare opportunity to experience new perspectives on yourself – building courage to go under the surface. Like one of us is about to go here.

Blue Zone is all about the body presenting the consequences of ‘not so good’ choices. Thanks to the simply rich practical inspiration you will confidently keep the philosophy alive, and thus yourself. This is more than just an adventure: it’s life quality also on the very long run. You may have heard of Blue Zones? You invest in sparkling health also in the very long run.

Walking to the peak experience we encounter water, flow, flow, flows. Nature requires action, energy, practical steps, not in a straight line, but somewhat bending around obstacles, safely, tested, inspiring, energizing. We will have gained confidence for the scenic but temporarily demanding trail up to the beautiful and sacred path guided by our mountain leader. Physical, mental, you’ll be ready, kept safe and helped by experienced coaches.

Here you see one of the masks of Ottana, on a mural. After the pristine mountain experience you will be invited to add your personality to a mask made by an official mask maker. The mask will be sent to your home, as a reminder of this personally quite inspiring 6-days not only into heart & soul of Sardinia but also into the Heart & Soul of YOU.

The places where you will stay are more than just nice: authentic, with a good atmosphere. They all bring you back to original, pure, rich simplicity, simple richness. Often elegant, tasteful, not in a superficial way, masking something, but being themselves. In the hobbit dwelling you yourself bring what you need, in rich simplicity, helping where you can, being helped when necessary. You will be in the remote areas of the ancient mountains, far from luxury and away from your comfort zone. Here you will experience the simplicity of your own transformation in the safety of the Fellowship. The rugged, rustic and real beauty of this exclusive location is memorable and makes a lasting impression on all visitors. This is a most valuable occasion of the week, despite its simple appearance.

[SAM_HOOGTEPUNT]After over 30 years of globetrotting in cultural relations, Fiona Pape fell in love with Sardinia and now calls it home. She’s been on her own healing journey since a mild stroke a few years ago and is passionate about slow and seasonal living. She is an ICF ACC qualified coach with a focus on transformational life coaching in nature – working with clients on thriving through change and transitions, well-being, women’s empowerment, personal branding and creativity. She is also a marketing and communications specialist (MCIM), a consultant and trainer, a curious and creative spirit who plays with colour and mixed media, a blogger, entrepreneur, mother and wife. Fiona believes that the most important relationship you will have in your life is with yourself. It is deserving of as much love, time, and commitment as any other relationship, if not more. It makes her heart sing when coaching journeys help people to reconnect with themselves, their values and purpose, to step into their power and be their own hero, and to heal with a joy that makes their inner child happy.

Find out more about Fiona here!

Dutch-Sardinian tour operator Keep Alive Tours, run by Samuele (Sam) Pitzalis, has a deep love for and ancient roots in Sardinia. And for staying alive! In that process he likes to discover and disclose and present useful, practical information. He likes to be helped by serendipity, ‘perhaps God’s way to remain anonymous’. And to helped by God Himself, on this picture, tasting the famous maggot cheese, at least once in a lifetime! Instructor in Mindful run, Smooth running, Blue Zone coaching, interested in wisely physical and serenely metaphysical. Quick wit and analysis, broad interest and great health. Your guardian angel for a week. Keeps vampires from your door: even venturing outside the ordinary – focussing on meaningful beauty – you are absolutely safe; we do appreciate that you dared to join on not your average retreat. Quote from Sam: “Appreciate nature, natural energy, and it will appreciate us. It will even whisper solutions! You will see: inspiration is all around us, if we actively open up to it.”

Indeed there will also be some climbing to do. No need to be an athlete, and we help each other too, keeping it safe, friendly, doable. There is mountain river trout here, in cleanest of all waters. Nature at its best. No pressure on nature, travelling with 9 people max. Us at our best!

Count on seeing spectacular nature, in its purity. Grand views and intimate beauty. This tree has recently been brought to the attention of Europe’s expert on ancient trees. (His Big Book needs re-editing now.) It may look as intricate as your ways of not disclosing your true identity in life. But it sure has lasting beauty within too.

Never as daring as here we will ‘plunge’ ourselves in deep beauty! The picture does give a good image of that beauty: rugged, ancient, vibrant. This nicely symbolizes some of the courage asked of you and needed to step forward!


Keep Alive Tours is a Dutch professional tour operator, member of VVKR, a Dutch platform of niche tour operator. All VVKR members must have a guarantee fund, STO Garant. All payments to Keep Alive Tours go via STO Garant and Keep Alive Tours will only have access to your money after completion of the tour.
Filling out the preliminary registration form that you find below is only a first contact: you take a option on participating. Keep Alive Tours notifies STO Garant and that STO Garant will then send you an email, asking you to transfer a downpayment to STO Garant. Later STO Garant will also ask you to transfer the remaining part of the sum. You will receive a confirmation email from STO Garant for each payment received. Again: you can find all information relating to STO Garant at
Note that we have two cars at our disposal, so we can even split in two groups while driving somewhere. The areas we visit are very lowly populated indeed: nature, energy, love.
START 8 October 2023 – FINISH 14 October 2023.
1950 euro. Discount for couples: 10% discount each.
Full board: freshly prepared breakfast and dinner in a hotel or restaurant, or in a pristine environment indeed. Each day you will have a healthy picnic lunch, with local Sardinian products only. Meals include proudly made local wine and home-made liquor and healthy mineral rich water and coffee/tea. All entrance fees and tips. All transfers together: to sites and people we visit, and from and to the airport together on Sardinia. Extra transfers, so not together: surcharge. Since participants can come from all over the world, your flights in and out Sardinia are not included.
Included is also a fine double room to share, and of course couples have a version with one bed, otherwise there are two beds. (Scarce!) single rooms are at surcharge; they are double rooms occupied by 1. You will be accompanied throughout by experienced guides and you will have unlimited access to the personal coaches for 1:1 and group discussions. There will be regular refreshment stops included.
About logistics, please contact Sam, via or via WhatsApp: 0031-6-11 33 45 11.
About the program please contact Fiona via or via WhatsApp: 0039-3714799798.
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