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WAITING LIST: Join Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther on her Sardinia week


  • DAY 1: Our 8 day full immersion journey into Ancient Inspiring Sardinia starts in the northeastern harbor city Olbia, that… we leave immediately, for a cleansing first step, or dive: in Sardinia’s famous sea. We sleep in a picturesque village with a lovely quiet historical centre, up the hill towards the castle.

  • DAY 2: After a rich, delicious breakfast – not the standard sobre Italian one… – we move westwards, and downwards into a portal into Mother Earth, a rock cave which walls are richly adorned with prehistoric figurines, and the acoustics in the female shaped first hall is surely not a coincidence. After our first ‘daily local produce lunch picnic on a special place’ we head for our next sleeping place: a traditional agriturismo with excellent cook. This is the evening you can’t hardly believe that you have been on Sardinia only for 24 hours now.

  • DAY 3: Our ceremonial work often creates just the right bubble for some time, also in the rightly famous, impressive, elegant sacred well of Santa Cristina: quite a female entrance she offers into Mother Earth! Lunch on and around some forgotten original pieces of the sacred well, and We sleep in the highly praised authentioc Sardinian village of Santu Lussurgiu, in historical houses. Excellent dinner in a beautiful, elegant mansion, and the meditative stroll back home under the serene yellow lantern lights in the alleys is a delight too.

  • DAY 4: On our clockwise journey tour today we head to the north, visiting two of the finest majestic nuraghe towers on the island: a masterpiece rightly visited by many, and a silently waiting beauty hidden in the countryside, hardly ever visited, but extra beautiful because of that. Not many people know about the relationship of just these towers with the Plejades. Peruvian shamans point at the importance of the Plejades for us, humans, we will honor this link, this relationship, on just the right places. They also happen to symbolise male and female complementing each other, as well as heaven and earth brought together by the sun± inspiration in many ways. We sleep on a village at the foot op the Holy Mountain. Nice swimming pool, good food!

  • DAY 5: Transfer to the mysterious step pyramid of Monte Accoddi. How on earth can it be older than the Sumerian originals? What has been possibly really going on on Sardinia? There could be a very sursprising reason for the astonishing amount of sacred places built in Sardinia in times older then the official archaeology assumes. There is a mysterious egg next to the pyramid too, as well as a giant menhir, and a flat ‘sacrificing’ altar? We sleep and dine in en authentic Sardinian agriturismo, beautifully hidden in the hills.

  • DAY 6: We continue our journey further eastwards, visiting the beautiful elegant little city of Tempio. Classic Italian little roads, granite houses, friendly locals, fine shops, of which we visit one in particular: they produce elegant dresses and more items made of the local product: cork. Nearby is a fabulous ‘giant’s grave, hardly ever visited by tourists, one of the most beautiful and intact of the island, that boasts an astonishing 700 of these enigmatic structures. Well, enigmatic: they could indeed be linked to a specific star constellation too. Ór are the Giant’s other ‘people’? After yet another special day we dine and sleep in an agriturismo near Olbia, with nice swimming pool, good food. Like on other days, we had our picnic lunch with fresh Sardinian produce and dishes – also made by our farm – in nature, at a special site.
  • DAY 7: Today we visit a surprisingly ‘deep’ feminine sacred well, where you can also dip totally under water. A place where men often feel insitinctively that it’s ‘quality time between women’ first here. Later we join again, as it is also a great place for men to be more aware of their feminine side, complementing. Afterwards we may one of the beautiful local beaches, and perhaps also a fine Sardinian jewelry shop? We dine and sleep at the agriturismo.

  • DAY 8: Back to Olbia again, full of our inner calmness, joyful, sparkling, wise, together, contagious life energy. In case you might want to stay some longer: that is possible, and help is always offered.


Imagine 8 days in what ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek sources called “The Island of the Gods”, and thus still dotted with literally thousands of spiritual energy places, places of sacred workship, like no other place in the world.

This week comes at a time of great challenges for the earth. ‘Never before’, says Little Grandmother, ‘it has been so important to live from the heart! The more we live united and from the heart, the more we can heal Mother Earth. As in other places that I visit we do not come just to take from the land, in this case Sardinia, but also to give.’

If this resonates with you, then indulge in time for you on this journey with a small fellowship of like-minded people. We ourselves too are looking forward to this unique experience immersed in the most beautiful Sardinian energy. We’re delighted to have you join us.


Kiesha Crowther, “Little Grandmother”, is a world renowned spiritual teacher, a Shaman, Wisdom Keeper and the gatherer of the Tribe of Many Colors. She is the Author of the book: “Message for the Tribe of Many Colors” and “Earth, Water, Fire, Wind”, published in 13 different languages around the world. Little Grandmother’s mission is to help re-ignite a deep remembrance in humanity of their own great potential and their personal relationships to Mother Earth. She has met with and learned from several different indigenous Chiefs, Elders, Leaders, Grandmothers and Grandfathers from all corners of the globe in order to share their messages to the people in hopes to restore and generate their remembrance of the Sacred. Her talks are freely available on the web and on YouTube and have been viewed by millions of people all over the world.

You can follow her work and her many travels, ceremonies and events on her Facebook page Little Grandmother Kiesha, instagram @littlegrandmotherkiesha, as well as on her website: You can purchase her books at

A rock grave that we visit has a ceremonial entrance hall, giving access to 10 people easily, and has several caverns deeper into the rock. The hall has great acoustics and… prehistorical carvings connecting it to the afterlife. This is just one of the remarkeable spiritual places we experience.

Some Mother Earth related places seem impossible to have been built in ancient, prehistoric times. Apparently the people (?) back then had such great finesse. It will be special to be invited so close to Mother Earth here, and on other places we visit.

Another feminine sacred well, be sure of visiting places that will touch, invite, be remembered.

Included in this unique tour are all meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. From farm restaurant to picnic meals, always delicious local dishes with local produce of rich mineral content. Sardinia is very ancient volcanic: it’s soil and produce are powerful. No bio-industry, but local nature-connected pride. You will be taken care of very well, with heart and soul and pride and above all: with love.


This week will be organised together with Samuele Pitzalis by Kiesha Crowther, You are kindly invited to contact her via email at She will give you a contract to sign for this specific trip, the itinerary and write of the specific spiritual purpose of this trip, as well as how to pay. As soon as you have paid her and she has a copy of your passport, signed contract and payment, then your spot is secured. So please contact her on
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