Laden Evenementen



  • DAY 1: A deep welcoming of one another… and sharing our practices, goals, and our dreams of new directions ahead…together! And
    you will immediately feel welcome on Sardinia. How do you welcome your clients? Make them feel at ease? Welcome ceremony or game? Immediately mutual inspiration.
  • DAY 2: In pristine landscape we could visit millennia old rockgraves, made for sound, and safe exchange with nature. How do we motivate ourselves and our clients to go deeper, and navigate our most difficult territories?
    How can we encourage ourselves, our clients, friends and families to explore new practices/directions and practices? Sharing our best practices and sharing our successes.
  • DAY 3: A possibly very windy place, on top of a steep hill: how do you prevent to keep things getting out of hand? Structure but not too much? We show each other’s approaches. Sharing our best practices for cultivating playfulness AND structure, for needed transformations.
  • DAY 4: In an old volcano: explosion of emotions with your client. How to handle that? Bringing serenity within our clients, ourselves, and in our most important personal relationships: how to best navigate change?
  • DAY 5: The themes that came up these days: practice, finetuning, and adaptation to your own form and content. Create new alliances and opportunities! Trying out new approaches and expressions. E.g. reading poetry, sharing song, sharing personal inspirations and your desired new directions for growth in your work. Receive insight/feedback/support n encouragement within the warm group to help you feel ready to take on those desired new paths. In deeply-inspiring Sardinia.
  • DAY 6: How do you present yourself convincingly. When do you speak from the heart? The group feels, and the feedback makes us all grow: Fellowship of Growth.
  • DAY 7: How do you motivate your clients to keep alive what they’ve learned?
  • DAY 8: Leasurely return to the airport. We’ve discussed and practiced a lot. And we’ll surely keep on helping each other.

A beautiful retreat week in Sardinia to explore new practices, connections, and directions amongst colleague trainers and coaches!

As a trainer you’ll have many practical skills already, but you keep on developing. On a week far far away from home you’ll be part of a Fellowship of Growth: practice your new exercise(s) on each other, get helped, invent combinations, new alliances even.
On special inspiring Ancient Sardinia locations, in privacy, in beauty, enjoying the surprises that the land offers deeply.
Structure of the day:
– after breakfast a session at or near home, mostly an agriturismo-type op lodging, where we also eat, local produce and recipes.
– then off to a lunch picnic place, mostly a hidden prehistoric place, far away from people. The perfect place also for a practice session.
– On our way back a coffee break in a village bar, and then rest at the agriturismo.
– At 6.30 pm some bites waiting for dinner at 8. During this aperitivo we do a talking stick session: share what is happening, to yourself and to others.

Trainers and coaches will be from different disciplines, fields, and we allow no more than 7 people: personal exchange and attention guaranteed. And what a great opportunity to enlarge and enrich your network!

Peculiar sites, metaphoric, nature, sense of wonder. Every day!

Of course a beach will be visited, but… the inspiration will probably present itself on our way to that. It feels like nature and Sardinia appreciate us coming: look forward to inspiring synchronicity.

We also visit remarkeable people, with an inspiring story. There is alway a a link to wbat we are working on and… you’ll probably fall in love with Sardinia.

These towers are very special places to practice, to step out of the dark in front of a group. Step forward, into the light, also with your new exercise.

Nature is more than beautiful here. Also these birds have a special message relateable to training 🙂

We follow little trails to majestic panoramic sites. Noboy hears us there: ideal practice ground.

Serene atmosphere where we sleep. Great food. TLC! All is being taken care of and… there is flexibility in the program: you can always skip, rest. But why should you!


DATES info@keepalivetours.ocm.
PRICE You just have to buy your flight ticket into Sardinia, plan A is to Cagliari, and the rest is being taken care of, and included in the price: everything, all meals, a double room to share, single at surcharge, 7 nights, all meals and group transfers, entrance fees, dinner and breakfast and lunch, local wine, fantastic water, guidance by a multilingual expert guide on the island. The price depends of how many participants join and starts at 1700 euro for the entire week. Of course this week is work, so the trip is deductable from tax.
Fiil out the reservation form below or email to: Information follows. A travel and cancellation insurance is compulsory. Your booking is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme at You will receive an email from STO Garant ( containing information about how you can pay for this booking. You will receive a confirmation email from STO Garant for each payment received. You can find all information relating to STO Garant at