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SARDINIA SELF LOVE & SELF COMPASSION RETREAT to attract more love in life too


  • 1: Around these 7 nights – 7, a magical number – you will experience self love insights, in a varied program.
  • 2: You will be helped to let go of all too self critical thoughts, thus boosting your self compassion and self esteem.
  • 3: We will visit ancient Heart & Soul Sardinia sacred places and allign to the Sardinia Blue Zone sparkle, where you will feel the best of human sparkle, and Sardinia´s world unique ancient energy, thus creating loving serendipity.
  • 4: We will get an idea and feeling of what the Fourth Eye means: a loving way of looking, appreciated by Earth, that will show her appreciation, thus presenting serendipity.
  • 5: You will be invited to visit specific ancient places, connecting to the stories of that places. Every place has its own program in which you will receive insights.
  • 6: Doing some rituals in nature will help you integrate the received messages and healing. We will be helped.
  • 7: It is remarkeable to see how Heaven and Earth/Sardinia are working together to provide you all the ingredients you need to manifest more self love, self compassion and love in general.
  • 8: This somewhat Dark Age is in fact inviting you to become free, and to love and life from the heart and soul!
  • 9: We are working with a limited group of people, with a maximum of 7, a sacred number for a sacred journey.
  • 10: You will return home as a different person, inspired and sparkling. If this retreat resonates with you… Just sign up.


All this because maybe you find yourself in need of more confidence and flow and simple happiness, especially in these strange months of transition?

Time to light more self positive fire inside of you, and to experience more self love and self compassion and love, by signing up for this world unique self love retreat in Sardinia. Yes, it’s different, and perhaps it’s time to change approach.

We will help you to overcome your blocks, to open up and to receive more whispering message from ‘above’ and inside, telling you that you deserve it. You can be more confident indeed!

All this will take place in a safe and playful and wise environment filled with love, joy, compassion and much laughter, and of course amazing local food and drinks.

Not the average way to to experience a high frequency transformation! And also not ‘just on Sardinia’! This island, that feels like a continent in itself, has a very ancient energy and ultradeep roots, and is known for its Blue Zone energies. People who live in Blue Zones get old in excellent health, in a high quality of life physically, mentally, socially.

Come and connect to this energy and power, to help you feel healthy and loved again, not in the least by yourself, and from there by others, more and more. Rejuvenation and sparkle!


Love towards yourself and others is essentially rich. And so is this week and the effects afterwards, especially in darker periods! For isn’t it then that things really matter, in darker periods? Prepare yourself better, for when action is needed. You will be inspired to feel and create and attract love, and to keep that love alive, also after Sardinia!

In a deeply ancient landscape we visit world unique ceremonial places that were designed to do powerful rituals and resonance.

Of course we will visit ‘standard’ things like waterfalls, indeed very nice also superficially. But there will be also a deeper meaning and messagers and serendipity: love metaphors will present themselves more and more to you. Imagine it begin a radio frequency to which you will always be able to tune in to, more deeply, passionately, confidently. [SAM_HOOGTEPUNT] [SAM_HOOGTEPUNT]This is one of the special, feminine Sacred Wells on Sardinia, just 15 minutes away from home. A place where since at least 3500 years women come to pray, ask, be guided, be helped. In the same archaeological park a male monument is waiting, unobserved by most tourists. On purpose we will visit places where the masculine and the feminine complement each other. That’s why you are specifically also invited to join as a man. You can make your partner very happy with the things you learn on this week.

Also simply beautifully walking in nature, you will practice the difference between the standard masculin approach (sure, impressive!) and the much wiser (on the long run, especially) female approach. Some places in nature are only 5 minutes away from home, and even round the corner. . And some are max 35 minutes away, like the rich diversity of beaches. Such magnific sunsets over the sea and such a lovely roads leading to them, in a thinly populated area, alternating beautiful nature with friendly villages, fine coffee break places.

We’re not just on an island, but on a Blue Zone Island: Sardinia, full of inspiration, playfulness and joy and versatility. It does keep people young at heart and in love with honest life. Working with the power of the Blue Zone will boost your energy, to make you feel healthy and lively again: rejuvenated and sparkling. Is there a more important skill to develop now Covid appears to be here to stay. Boost your life sparkle now!

This week is full of tasty and tasteful ingredients, presented with the personal attention that will make an unforgettable experience, feeding and nurturing the soul too. Sam, welcoming you here, is an inspiring soul on body love, nature love, life love: on life sparkle!

Sardinia’s deeply ancient volcanic soil offers an explosion of herbs and flowers and sensuous colours and shapes. Its ancient, still preserved wilderness is famous: you will enjoy the sights, perfumes ánd energy of beautiful nature!

Merging with nature, integrating the new imprints in your cells, after the transformational days… Water helps to cleanse the cells and to bring more inner peace and serenity. A joyful experience!

Cleansing body and soul, reconnecting to nature energy. The more we appreciate the richness and the more She, Nature, will present us richness.

We will stay in an authentic Sardinian location, in a romantic atmosphere with much loving eye for detail. The village is famous in entire Sardinia for it’s high energy in so many ways: the water (coming from your shower too), the air (no hot houses), the people (famous crafts and festivals) and the food! Within a few minutes walking you will enjoy really tasty food, often home-made for centuries with local ingredients.

Count on 100 euro discount on a weeks rent of Sardinia Retreat Base’s highly praised 14th Century house in Santu Lussurgiu within a year after coming back from this edition: so you can bring a friend and celebrate love again, revisiting the most inspiring places that you ‘felt’ this coming Sardinia week. The best way to make love flow is also to give love: forward it!


START on 2 July 2002 and FINISH on 9 July 2022. You fly in via Olbia. Transfer from Cagliari available, surcharge.
1700 euro
– come as a couple – or just book together as friends – and you pay 2 x 1615 euro together.
– 100 euro discount on any next edition of Sardinia Love Retreat.
– 100 euro discount on a weeks rent of Sardinia Retreat Base, our more than lovely base, to enjoy alone or to come and share the love with someone.
– full board: breakfast and dinner in hotel or restaurant or at home, and highly praised picnic lunches with local Sardinian products only. Meals include proudly made local wine and home made liquor and healthy mineral rich water and coffee/tea.
– all entrance fees and tips.
– all transfers together: to sites and people we visit, and from and to the airport together on Sardinia. Extra transfers, so not together: surcharge.
– a charming double room to share, and of course couples have a version with one bed, otherwise there are two beds. (Scarce!) single rooms are at surcharge; they are double rooms occupied by one person.
Since prices of flights tend to rise the closer we get to the start, your flight is not included in the price. We will be happy to coach you and help you save expenses. Just email us on
Questions about the logistics and program? Please contact or via Whatsapp: 0031-6-11 33 45 11, Sam. After that we hope to see your registration form filled out. And then you will receive an email of STO Garant, the guarantee fund that Keep Alive Tours is linked too, being a professional tour operator, registred ad
It’s STO Garant that will ask you to transfer your downpayment and the remaining part of the sum. Keep Alive Tours will receive it only after completion of the retreat.
Here is the official STO Garant declaration, as demanded by STO Garant: This booking is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme at You will receive an email from STO Garant ( containing information about how you can pay for this booking. You will receive a confirmation email from STO Garant for each payment received. You can find all information relating to STO Garant at
Your full flight costs you can claim at the cancellation insurance you are supposed to take: travel & cancellation insurance; this in case you cancel yourself. In case the flight company cancels the flight, then it will re-imburse your costs. In case Keep Alive Tours cancels the retreat – not enough participants: so below 5 – then your cancellation insurance will cover the costs, since Keep Alive Tours is a tour operator. Questions? 0031-6-11 33 45 11 also via Whatsapp.
Covid/corona will only be a reason to cancel the retreat by Keep Alive Tours if Sardinia is a Red Zone, as established by Italian government only. Of course during the retreat we move with local regulations and even better than that: with local daily usage. Deeply Sardinian rooted Keep Alive Tours knows actual practical Sardinian situations much better than any government or news paper.
We have two cars at our disposal, so we can even split in two groups while driving somewhere. The areas we visit are very lowly populated indeed: nature, energy, love.
Questions about this? 0031-6-11 33 45 11.

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