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  • DAY 1: Our eight-day full immersion journey into Sacred Sound Sardinia starts in the capital Cagliari. From there we will head out to our first destination (one of Sardinia’s best kept secrets) – the picturesque village of Santu Lussurgiu, located in the caldera of an inactive volcano. Dinner is offered in a centuries-old mansion, located down hidden alleys, and the food is high-quality local cuisine. The romantic glow of streetlights invite us on a meditative walk back home after dinner.

  • DAY 2: Our first breakfast of the week will be a typical Italian breakfast: “al bar”, at the local café! After this local cultural experience, we will take a short trip through the beautiful countryside. Just two villages away we will visit one of Sardinia’s masters of traditional sounds musicians. He will present and play the traditional instruments of the region as well as his own invented instruments. He will also invite us to sample his own medicinal elixirs and potions, and of course his delicious home-made wine.

    He will then accompany us on our first picnic lunch and spend time with us socially. He will will also play some of his instruments in the first Sacred Sound site you’ll visit here – a more than 3500-year-old megalithic “nuraghe” secluded tower, off the beaten track, with incredible acoustics and resonance. Ilka will lead us on our first Sacred Sound healing practice.

    After all these good vibrations, we’ll head home to rest for few hours. If the weather permits, at 8pm we will have informal dinner outside (“al fresco”), at the feet of the huge Christ statue which overlooks and guards the village. It’s a wonderful place to sing too. Alternatively, we will dine in the living room pizzeria, in the quaint village of Santu Lussurgiu, surrounded by lush green hills (the water from the shower and faucet is derived from the famous fresh springs of the area).

  • DAY 3: After breakfast, we will set off for our second destination where we will stay two nights: an “agriturismo” in the countryside of the village of Bitti. A beautiful natural setting for workshops and Sacred Sound practice. These lodgings have a limited number of rooms, so we will share rooms two by two. Our agriturismo is so highly regarded for its traditional food… that we may want to stay here forever.

    On our way to the village of Bitti, we will visit several mythical so-called “Fairy Houses,” cut into 6000 year-old prehistoric rock caves that appear to have been excavated with the purpose of hearing and using sound vibration. Complementing the theme of this week, we will visit two specially selected sites, both with a remarkably big entrance hallway, built for resonance. Here we will start to learn and practice the ancient technique of overtone singing, the resonance of the chamber helping to make the natural spectrum of the voice audible and helping us create two notes simultaneously. We will work with these transformative, other worldly sounds in our meditation and healing.

  • DAY 4: Bitti is the heart of “Canto a Tenore” a singing modality that is recognized by UNESCO. We will learn about this famous style of singing, and have the opportunity to listen to a group of singers. Our sound practice today will be linked to what we witness, learn and experience. Sleeping in our comfortable rooms in the quaint farmhouse we will experience sleeping under the beautiful bright stars in the dark skies of Sardinia.

  • DAY 5: We will transfer to our third home away from home. The agriturismo (homestead) is idyllically set between granite rock formations and a beautiful art nouveau bridge, where in the morning the sunrise over the lake will be awe inspiring.

    On our way there, we will have visited one of Sardinia’s biggest mysteries: a prehistoric “rock altar” containing cavities in the crystal rich rock that – some say – might have been made for specific sounds and frequencies for healing.

    The agriturismo lodging with pool, and the beautiful lake only a two-minute walk away, serves wonderful local food. The owner will serenade us with the world’s most beautiful love song: a Sardinian folk song that touches the heart of every Sardinian wherever they may reside in the world.

  • DAY 6: After enjoying the beautiful sunrise at the lake today we have time to stroll to the beautiful bridge, a deserted villa, and interesting granite stone formations, where we will work with another sound healing practice.

    Most days we have a picnic lunch with fresh Sardinian produce and dishes – prepared by “la mamma”, the female chef of the farmstead we visit – out in nature, at a special site, but today we will stay home and have lunch by the pool. Dinner will also be served at the agriturismo lodging.

  • DAY 7: Today we will have the option of visiting one of the following: One of Sardinia’s majestic nuraghe towers, an impressive site and complex masterpiece of archaeoastronomy: alignments to rising and setting suns and moons; The vaulted dome of the central tower, where we can practice our overtone singing; or, we can visit a serene Romanesque (former) cathedral, not known by many. We will have dinner and stay in a hotel known for its great fish-based cuisine.

  • DAY 8: We will make our way to the town where our flights leave the following day. The rest of our Europe trip awaits. During the transfer, we will stop at yet another inspiring site on this beautiful island that the Italians refer to as the Isola Mito, the Island of Myths. By now you understand why.


Imagine eight days exploring an island that ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Greek sources called “The Island of the Gods.” An area dotted with thousands of energy vortexes and sacred sites, spiritual centers for sacred worship unlike any other place in the world.

During this time, we will not only visit a special selection – many off the beaten track – of sacred sites of Sardinia, with a focus on sound, frequency and music. We will also learn and use Sacred Sound practices to connect more deeply and enhance our innate capacity for wholeness and healing, as well as to the mystery of the land. “Amplifying the power of sound with the energy of the sacred sites. And amplifying the energy of the sacred sites with the power of sound and vibration.”

During the eight days, we will:

1) Learn the ancient and transformative technique of overtone singing: (link to the definition of overtone singing below.)

Used to:
· Reduce stress and anxiety, bringing deep relaxation.
· Access our body’s own innate healing capacity.
· Slow down brain wave frequencies to alpha and theta states for a deeper meditation experience.
· Release energy blockages and balance energy centers for improved health.
· Raise our vibration to live a more full and vibrant life. (Link to a sample of Ilka’s overtone singing)

2) Learn and use additional powerful Sacred Sound practices from the Wisdom Healing Qigong tradition and other modalities:
– “Five Organ Sound Healing System” for emotional transformation.
– Essence Mantra – transforming disharmony into harmony.
– Lachi – Energy healing
– Humming Breath practice for physical and emotional wellness.

3) Learn and use Wisdom Healing Qigong practices as a movement meditation and method of grounding and activating more life force energy in our bodies while exploring Sacred Sound.

Qigong practices include Qigong intro movements, Hip Rotations, Dragon Arms, Wall Squats and Spinal Bone Marrow practice.

4) Enjoy the traditional music and sound practices of Sardinia.

If this resonates with you, please join us on this magical adventure with a small group of like-minded people. We look forward to this unique experience of being in Sardinia immersed in its beautiful landscape, culture and sacred sites, while working with Sacred Sound. We are delighted to have you join us.


Ilka de Gast, PsyD, originally from the Netherlands, now living in CA, is a psychologist, Qigong and meditation instructor, sound healer, researcher, song writer and recording artist. Ilka’s passion for the past 25 years has been to work with and teach sacred sound healing modalities from around the world, including the ancient art of overtone singing. Ilka has led Sacred Sound tours to the Bahamas, swimming with dolphins as well as facilitated tours to China. Ilka’s meditation music is played regularly at Dr Joe Dispenza’s in-person advanced events around the world during meditations as well as in international online meditation and healing groups.

Find out more about Ilka, her meditation music and Qigong classes on her websites:,, or stream Ilka’s meditation music on Spotify and YouTube.,

We will work with Sacred Sound and energy healing practices from the Wisdom Healing Qigong tradition and other modalities, as well as meditations, including Dr Joe Dispenza’s, “Blessing of the energy centers” and empowering walking meditations at prehistoric energy vortexes and temples, all while experiencing the beauty of the land. Sardinia’s variety and density of sacred sites is unique in the world. Many believe the island, in its ancient past, to have been a place of “spiritual wellness”, regardless of what present day archaeologists declare. Not coincidentally Sardinia is also the cradle of the Blue Zone philosophy, which details the lifestyle attributed to the high number of healthy centenarians. There are nine key lifestyle factors that we can experience for ourselves on the tour.

Overtone singing, also called overtone chanting, throat singing or vocal harmonics is the simultaneous production of two notes by one person. It makes the natural spectrum of the voice audible so that magical bell-like or flute-like sounds are heard rising above a single note or fundamental. Overtone singing has many benefits to both the singer and listener, including the slowing down of brain wave states to alpha and theta for deep relaxation and meditation. In addition to the experiential sound practices there will also be informal presentations on the topics of sound vibration, neuroscience, overtone singing and Qigong.

Click here for an example of overtone singing.

We´ll witness a Canto a Tenore performance in-person, and also visit the Museum of Canto a Tenore. A life-like experience in the museum allows you to feel, using your senses, as if you are in the middle of the sound.

Canto a tenore represents a form of polyphonic singing performed by a group of four men using four different voices called bassu, contra, boche and mesu boche. One of its characteristics is the deep and guttural timbre of the bassu and contra voices. It is performed standing in a close circle. The solo singers chants a piece of prose or a poem while the other voices form an accompanying chorus. Most practitioners live in the region of Barbagia and other parts of central Sardinia. Their art of singing is very much embedded in the daily life of local communities. Often it is performed spontaneously in local bars called su zilleri, but also at more formal occasions, such as weddings, sheep-shearings, religious festivities and carnival.

The traditional master musician we visit will give a demonstration of the unique three-cane instrument Launeddas, with its multi-tone sound. This instrument unique to Sardinia is represented in bronze statuettes dating at least 4000 years ago. The master musician will also give a demonstration of several peculiar inventions, creating unique sound.

All meals are included in this unique tour: breakfast, lunch and dinner from farmstead restaurants to picnics. The delicious meals are prepared with locally sourced organic produce with rich mineral content. Sardinia is an ancient volcanic island, the volcanic ash and lava deposits have enriched the soil with minerals and nutrients, making it fertile for agriculture and making the produce grown nutritious.

A rock grave that we visit has a ceremonial entrance hall and several caverns deeper into the rock, which easily allow access to 10 people. The hall has great acoustics and the prehistoric carvings depict the afterlife. We will experience many such sites with powerful energy on our tour.

Sending out healing frequencies to the world.

In the Five Organ Sound Healing System, you will learn three sounds for each system. This ancient Daoist technology helps to transmute and transform restricted/limited emotions to expanded emotions for transformation and healing. As examples – the heart system helps us move from unhappiness to happiness and joy, while the kidney system helps us move from fear to creativity and courage.


Since our focus is sacred sound, music, vibration and frequency, our accommodations are places that have a certain vibration especially selected for this tour. Although somewhat rustic in appearance they are warm and inviting, in addition to scoring 9 out of 10 on Booking platforms.

Overtone singing at the base of this serene statue.


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Note that we have two cars at our disposal, so we can even split in two groups while driving somewhere.
START 8 September 2024 – FINISH 15 September 2024.
2000 euro. Discount for couples: 5% discount each.
Full board: freshly prepared breakfast and dinner in a hotel or restaurant. Each day you will have a healthy picnic lunch, with local Sardinian products only. Meals include proudly made local wine and home-made liquor and healthy mineral rich water and coffee/tea. All entrance fees and tips. All transfers together: to sites and people we visit, and from and to the airport together on Sardinia. Extra transfers, so not together: surcharge. Since participants can come from all over the world, your flights in and out Sardinia are not included.
Included is also a fine double room to share, and of course couples have a version with one bed, otherwise there are two beds. (Scarce!) single rooms are at surcharge; they are double rooms occupied by 1. You will be accompanied throughout by experienced guides and you will have unlimited access to the personal coaches for 1:1 and group discussions. There will be regular refreshment stops included.
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