Laden Evenementen



  • DAY 1: Arrival at Olbia and transfer – with stops at the seaside – to a somewhat touristy village in the centre of the East coast, right at the start of a beautiful rocky coast walk up and down. We’ll do that tomorrow, now we are staying along the touristy coast. It is now also meant to be an analysis of your movement pattern. We are still eating touristy food now and tomorrow morning, seeing the sun rise from the sea will be so special for most people. OK, the standard beauty is checked off your list. It does get wilder.
  • DAY 2: The rocky coast walk is called Selvaggio Blu, or Wild Blue. It includes small challenges down towards the sea, in all its beauty, and up. Yes, we are definitely going to take the necessary side paths this week; let’s say meaningfully and educationally off the beaten track. Above average views, pure nature, a dip in the sea. Dinner is a bit wilder this time, in a chalet on a plateau around the corner.
  • DAY 3: Short transfer to one of the Sardinian Blue Zone villages: those healthy 100-year-olds, you may have heard of them and thought: ‘Good for them, that they remained so healthy in body and mind until late in life, but what’s in it for me? Well, you are going to get more of a feel for it, positive intention, connection and trust. We visit places that they visit, during the day, and then you understand how they stay so healthy. The meal mirrors their diet. Not touristy-culinary, no, but simply rich for the people. It may sound exaggerated if you have not been there yet, but we also visit a place like nowhere else in the world, mystical, after a beautiful walk up the hill. You make such a walk with an assignment. You already apply much of what you have learned. We sleep consciously in the 100-year-old village: internalising in your sleep.
  • DAY 4: We meet our guide very early. He takes us to what feels like an exclusive private domain, in all its simple beauty: nobody comes here, it’s quite exclusive. We stay in his self-built ‘settlement’ with a lot of courage and effort: the best quality local wood and stone and water and animals and herbs and plants and stories and wise knowledge about how the shepherds cleverly survived here.
    You will come through it well thanks to a couple of hours of efficient body use, flexibility, and growing body confidence. See the photos below for an idea of ‘how beautiful’ it is where you are going to walk.
  • DAY 5: Quietly, smoothly, at one with the landscape, we sneak up to where you can spot the shy mountain goats along the majestic mountain walls. Our guide is a survival expert, shares his tricks and… also gives inspiration for Nordic walking along the way. All in all much inspiration on ´walking in nature like our ancient ancestors used to do.’ You will have noticed that Sardinia is quite wild: no path is numbered, here.
    Hiking back to the safely parked minivan with the rest of our stuff, on the way we also do all kinds of exercises. It is actually a big, slowed down boot camp with extraordinary views. Look forward to walking along streams, through pools, between rocks, quite a day. Back at the car, we are certainly tired and probably glowing with pride. And this was cool! At the end you have completed the challenging Selvaggio Verde: Green Wild, or Wild Green. We do deserve a dip in the sea and an extensive meal, at the starting point of Selvaggio Blu, of day 2.
  • DAY 7: We stroll back to the area around the airport and stop in a village with a beautiful historical centre. Want to buy some presents? Also enjoying a bit of rest from the last two days. You have so much coordination, flexibility and confidence and experience now, we can see it in your appearance, eyes, and movement. THAT feeling!
  • DAY 8: Short transfer to Olbia and happy to board your flight home. Let even any lockdown come! You sparkle, radiate, are in perfect health, know how to remain healthy, how to move more wisely, which your body values, appreciates, rewards. Just come and you start up this precious process of positive energy exchange.  We travel by 9-seat minivan and a small SUV, included in the price.


Whether you are an experienced sportsman/woman or not, this week will increase your body wisdom and flexibility so that your body can not only perform, but also last longer. How do you make the load less stressful for your body? How do you avoid getting unexpected injuries? What can you pay more attention to and thus combine more wisely with your willpower? Your willpower can sometimes let you walk through walls, indeed. Tough and good for the ego, but smart in the long run? Not really. You are going to set yourself on a wise and healthy path for the rest of your life this week. You are going to try a lot, learn a lot in beautiful Sardinian places. The sleeping locations are chosen for their purity, humanity and character. One night you even sleep on a mattress, but make no mistake: that night in the super cool mountain chalet Into the Wild you definitely do not want to miss. Only our kind of happy few go there, and we want to keep it that way.

Once again: this week, you are also going to learn a lot about how these champions who are aging healthily on this island and who remain so fit. How do they do that, hardly encounter any limitations, and how can we in the Netherlands also ‘keep alive?’ The nine key elements will all be discussed this week, during and in between moving around in nature, in all its peace. quiet and beauty. Their sparkle is remarkable, they have almost something childlike: they never lost that child-like feeling. Can you imagine that your movement itself would also become more sprightly, wiser, more enthusiastic and joyful? Come on, you have been training with willpower your whole life, with ups and downs, but does it make you really happy, and more importantly, does it keep you happy? Come and become wiser when it comes to moving more lightly, with less strain, more energy, more sparkle, more calmness and self-esteem, more wisdom, awareness and freedom. You can be sure that all these things do something to your mind, too.


We also walk here. You bring your own water shoes, or some can be arranged for you. You have to move with nature, you become more flexible and better at it. No daredevil stuff, but getting better and better. Always a beautiful spot for the daily lunch picnic, by the way. Eating with a view, not boring somewhere inside, we are still a bit nature people. Products from the island, and with a purpose, meaning, message.


Leaping for joy here and there is allowed. Again: no kamikaze nonsense. The goal is not only to be better at the end of the week than at the beginning, physically and mentally but also in the years that follow.


We come to beautiful places that you can admire from a distance, yes, or more closely, like here. Nice exercise: how do you stay calm and flexible and not so tense here – quite under pressure after all? Sportsmanship is not only about endurance, holding on, suffering, not giving up. There is a lot of free energy to be gained, created and multiplied. That is what we call sporting sparkle, body sparkle, and wisdom. A beautiful image to look for and to keep feeling. And really, you don’t have to be an athlete, as long as you are not afraid to take a diversion. Sometimes a bit off the path, where most of the lessons lie, of course. Leaving your comfort zone, a bit, and not just like that.

You will also notice something in your attitude this week. You will pick up quite a lot that is worth trying. Stubbornly repeating what you have always done can always be done, right? Inspiration comes to you from mindful movement, boot camp, sport rest, yoga, positive psychology, all kinds of things that can be useful in a fun way. All in all, it gives you a calm and contented feeling. Nice too in these tense times? It seems to us something very beautiful and useful to look forward to.

You see a brave leap here, but really: we help one another throughout the week with our combined experience and knowledge. You don’t have to do anything beyond your limits. Sometimes you have to climb, scramble, but caution is good, keep calm, don’t let yourself get crazy. Just look together, work, enjoy. Care comes first. Of course, your body appreciates that. That’s logical.

Our guide (on the left) for the two ‘wild’ days this week. Together, we will tell you how the healthy old-timers in this world-famous Blue Zone region have remained physically and mentally fresh to an advanced age. He, too, likes to inspire and you are bound to give us some good ideas.

We can imagine that, as an experienced sportsman, you think: ‘What can I learn there. Just look at my performance!’ Come on, then. You can be the first to show how Sardinian survivors keep a water source clean for other people too. And you can carry more bags, for example, for the less sporty. Free gym craziness. Know that along the way, you will also learn things that people in the past had to know. Who knows, it might come in handy, or you might pass it on.

Hey, did you see those trout over there? They are probably swimming here in the cleanest and richest water there is in Europe. Nature at its very best! And we at our very best: respectful and cheerful. There are only nine of us in total: no pressure on nature.

Yes, we also sleep on a mat in a very pure settlement deep in the Sardinian mountains. The water comes directly from one of the mountain springs around: basic, sparkling, refreshing, in a pure way even healing. Animals, intense herbs, extremely pure air, water, stone, wood. Hiking for two days in this landscape is not all that easy, sometimes a climb is quite steep. They are nature trails, drawn by animals. A sporty positive attitude is helpful and so is helpfulness to one another. Fellowship. It sometimes seems a bit like Lord of the Rings, indeed.

Back to ‘civilisation’, we go straight to the coast, where we sleep in a hotel with a great sunrise from the sea. As Dutchmen, we are not used to this. A trendy cocktail bar is close by. You can also stay in the nature mood: around the corner starts a recognised beautiful footpath along the rocky coast. In summer it is crowded here, but by now you know how it goes: we take a slightly different route, branching out, towards that lonely little bay. You can take a dive! Or you can take a rest at the hotel, delicious. We have dinner later, it’s a bit touristy, but nice after the last few days. People probably notice something wild in our eyes. Jealous! The next morning, we rest a bit, stare contentedly at the sea, probably. Then we head towards the starting point.



Start ON DEMAND in 2023. Finish a week later.
1800 Euros for a complete week visiting unusual & meaningful places where we will make our bodies more flexible, healthy, aware and confident every day. Surely a great investrment on the long run in life too. You will enjoy this trip with full board, including breakfast and dinner and picnic lunches with genuine Sardinian products. Local wine is always included, as well as delicious spring water and local liqueur. Entrance tickets are included too. You spend almost nothing else. The programme also includes all transfers, including from and back to the airport. Separate rides are subject to a surcharge. The price does not include the Amsterdam-Olbia flight: book early and you pay very little; personal coaching offered. At the end of the week, you’ll be up and running with great confidence in the Blue Zone rules. Welcome to a unique experience in a great environment, with wonderful memories also of the group feeling: we have been a kind of Fellowship.
You can claim your flight costs from your cancellation insurance, not from your travel insurance. If the airline cancels, they will refund your money fot the flight. Coaching and experience offered. If we, organisers, cancel the trip because there are not enough participants, we will refund your money, but not your flight costs, because you paid those yourself to the airline, that will refund. If you have any questions call me on 06-11 33 45 11.



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