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  • DAY 1: Arrival in Olbia and transfer to monumental village in West-Sardinia: Santu Lussurgiu, so beautifully lit after sundown!
  • DAY 2: Not only today we visit summer solstice sites nearby, at noon and at dawn, spectacular sun rays caught by and marked by finely placed stones: prehistorical megalithical masterpieces. After breakfast we walk to waterfalls, learning how to walk lightly, especially after a shorter night sleep. Literally a gorgeous walk! Homey lunch and some rest, like all local people do. Wisely. Dinner in quiet toprestaurant. Keeping meals light has much plusses. But how?
  • DAY 3: Today not so early but… comfortably before noon, and also so close to home: one of Sardinia’s best places to be ‘enlightened’, like never before. We visit several of these places, during the week.
  • DAY 4: Another solstice event, this one is amidst other people, mainly italians. Walking together, connecting. We observe how they keep a light atmosphere even in a crowd.
  • DAY 5: We go into the wild, safely of course, into the Iron Mountains, towards a hidden small community of people, tree house, tents, also abandoned, survivors, waterfalls, animals: a nature experience that feels a bit like an expedition: recharges deeply.
  • DAY 6: Walking to a place where 5 main leylines on earth cross each other, at only 25 kms from home. Wild Sardinia, ancient Sardinia, world connected Sardinia. We connect to the light connecting us all, humans, worldwide. This may sound a bit new age, but it feels fantastic as an experiment. A place to be.
  • DAY 7: A sunset at sea you won’t see anywhere else on earth. The metaphor is rich, something with how to keep the light in ‘darkest’ circumstances. Playful and practical lightness.
  • DAY 8: With a pleasant light feeling you return to start, ready for a restart, seeing more lightness around you.

Anyway super places to visit: summer solstice sites nearby, at noon and at dawn, spectacular sun rays caught by and marked by finely placed stones: prehistorical megalithical masterpieces. And this now in all serenity, because all sorts of events will be over, done in the previous week. But we are coming anyway, it is still there, to enjoy. We wander and wonder, getting all sots of inspiration on these special Sardinian sites, places, connected with light and lightness: focussing on keeping things light, walking, eating, thinking, interacting. And the food and wine are great of course. See light and lightness more openly, quickly, healthily, postponing the bill that our body is going to present, someday. Pure Blue Zone inspiration, the lessons of superhealthy old people. No, it’s not their genes!

We will stay in an ancient village bathing in serene light, atmosphere, also at night. Beautiful rooms, old Sardinian style, wise cool houses even in hottest weather, very atmospherical and Instagrammable, even according to teenagers! This village of Santu Lussurgiu is world famous on Sardinia, for its authenticity, food, water, air. All meals included, including great lunch picnics in beautiful nature.

Our daily excursions in a minivan and car will invite also to walks, a bit off the beaten track, seemingly into the wild. You may feel in the middle of nowhere, but be sure you will be sómewhere. Like to join us? Mail to:


We visit sSunsets at places with extra story: about lightness. Inspiring. Feeling connected. Serendipity will present itself, travelling with us.

Walking to a special selection of Sardinian places, you try tips & tricks from various walking and running concepts that aim to make sport lighter: wise for the body. Useful under stress, and very smart also on the long run! Practiced walking. Tips that made intense trail running marathons doable for me, keeping things light in tough circumstances. Perhaps the start of your running career, with all the things you pick up?

We visit towers that are only reachable on foot, over ever smaller trails, in safety. Prehistorical setting, with a beautiful light phenomenon around the Summer Solstice. A unique experience. And I’m sure you will make greater pictures than this. Tip: do bring white clothes and you’ll illuminate us all.


Our rooms in Santu Lussurgiu will be nice, clean, good atmosphere, not hot even in high Summer, hardly any mosquito in these hilly areas: you can relax. Of course every room has it’s own bathroom. Always your own bed. The water from shower and all is right from the famous healing fountains a few kms away: Sardinians call it ‘acqua a luce chiara’, water of clear light. Lightness even in the water, this week.

Sure we will visit one of the archeological marvels of Sardinia. Now there is much to say about it, but we will use and create light and lightness too, on purpose. A next time you focus on archeaology and structure, okay? 

You will also see richness in food on our week. Light meals, yes, but rich meals.


These weeks attract parallel minds. Good people always. We will be together for a reason: serendipity always is our companion. It will feel and be safe and protected, and connected, not only on this place where major world leylines cross. A great feeling! Welcome!


In Olbia, from Saturday 18 June to Saturday 25 June 2022. On purpose around the official Summer Solstice Days! Unless you already live in Sardinia: then you are picked up at the train station of Abbasanta, central on the island, very near Santu Lussurgiu, where we will stay. Count on my coaching with flights and transfers: 0031-6-11 33 45 11, via Whatsapp. Or email to:
1650 euro for 7 nights of full board and lodging, with healthy and varied lunch picnics in beauty, in and around the monumental village and environment of Santu Lussurgiu, in West-Sardinia. Sardinian produce, not overeating, main meal in the evening. Includes all excursions, also to hidden Summer Solstice sites, micro-workshops, entrance fee, our transfers together on the island during the week. The price is based on a shared double room. A twin bed of course possible. A single room mostly at surcharge, for they are scarse, not staying in big hotels (for tourists that stay on beaten tracks…)
Personal expenses, and shared coffestops in bars: we treat each other, excellent for group feeling, and it costs little. Excludes your flight to Sardinia too, and Covid-tests.
More info on my Sardinia and Santu Lussurgiu you find typing Keep Alive Tours on Instagram and YouTube. I frequently post in Facebook groups like Sardinia for English Speakers.
Be sure you’ll be paying less when coming back someday to my Sardinia Retreat Base in Santu Lussurgiu.
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