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  • DAY 1: Fellowship starts at Cagliari airport, from which a 9 seat minivan will transfer us to of one the water rich Green Lungs of Sardinia: the Montiferru Area, ‘Iron Mountains’. Diner in famous Sardinian 7-springs-village and instruction on how to keep cool better from now on in hot weather: practice! Night in old vulcano village and it’s ‘keep cool in hot summer’-tips.
  • DAY 2: Today not just vísiting the waterfalls nearby, but also úsing them, plus all the little pools, hidden to most people, including ‘the village’s swimming pool’. Excursion to other waterfalls and how to use them wisely, actively, even when they are small. Second evening in volcano village, boasting probably the ‘coolest’ tarrace bar on entire Sardinia!
  • DAY 3: Transfer to explore cool places in the eastern part of the island, stepping up the level: visit to spectacular rocks with several cold water pools, and a fantastic place to jump. Short transfer to the village of healthy centenareans: how did they manage to keep their body and mind and heart so cool, to make their body stay so well? Night and Blue Zone dinner in that village, already preparing for the next two spectacular Aquatrekking Days into the wildest of Sardinia.
  • DAY 4: short transfer to early rendez-vous at mountain pass, where we meet our guide for the next two days: he is bringing us into his nearly private wild Sardinia territory: walking to his unique ‘village’, a bit of Hobbit, but then primitive. Our own sheet sleeping bag and so, we bring! Today and tomorrow will be full of wise tips while walking and swimming and wading and cooling and spotting wild animals and nature. We sleep and eat in his village, all arranged by our guide, an expert in survival, sharing his tricks.
  • DAY 5: Early rise to go and see the wild mountain goats, indeed we are in one of the wildest places of Sardinia, enjoying nature at its best. The walk back to the minivan with the rest of our stuff is a beautiful mix of water and rock and tree. Of course we have water shoes! When we reach the car, we feel tired but proud. We deserve a nice plunge in the sea and a great meal: in a highly praised village on the coast nearby. What an adventure this was!
  • DAY 6: Transfer to a mountainous area again, some more cooling places, waterfalls, streams. We will have that unforgettable FELLOWSHIP feeling together by now…: you’ll make good friends.
  • DAY 7: Transfer back to Cagliari, visiting another natural swimming pool, as they call them here on Sardinia, plus one of Sardinia’s best preserved prehistorical sacred water wells. We might do a ‘for us now quite dull’ Poetto Beach in Cagliari. Stay in friendly B&B, and dinner in town!
  • DAY 8: Whát a week this was! Last shopping? Cool places in the city?


Everybody seems to think that in hot Sardinian summer it’s best to go to the sea for coolness. What a mistake! Join us on an often spectacular discovery of places that offer sweet (and wet!) coolness: a special selected – pretested in hot conditions – mix of waterfalls, pools, streams from west to east, with start and finish at Cagliari. We sleep and eat in a traditional village, in a longevity hotspot village, in a coastal village and ‘on the floor’ – wooden tent or shepherd’s hut – in a private pristine hamlet in great beauty. Learn tricks to keep cool, not only now, on the short run, but also on the long run, even life. Tips, experiences, exchanges, good food, good company, sportive but not fanatic, experienced and still playfully wise. Some hiking, discovering, swimming, climbing out of water, lunch picnics, great food, more IN Sardinia than just ON Sardinia. Transfers with our own 9 seater minivan, 2 days also walking to off the beaten track destination. At destinations ‘along the road’ we also ‘look behind’, where most people don’t look. And we like to keep it that way. So the exact locations – even on the sites you might recognise on the pictures – are disclosed only during the week. We just don’t want everybody to go there where we go. Sorry, better for nature too. Welcome on a unique week, quite a Sardinia and…. life experience. Includes also more indepth information on the happy healthy longevity champions on this island than a book or documentary can give: experience!


Temperature here logically is much lower than in the blazing sun in July… When we walk to this kind of places we have water shoes with us, so we can easily indeed swim or dip into them: more than about just finding these places it’s about experiencing, feeling, living them. Great places also to have a light picnic lunch.


The first place where we sleep and fantastically eat is in one of the finest of Borghi Autentici d’Italia, an official Authentic Hamlet in Italy. We stay in a traditional old stone house, built also to keep cool in Summer. Inspiration also there! The atmosphere of the village also at night oothes a serenity that gives sparkle. We also discover several cooling places nearby: from famous healing spring sources to hidden little waterfalls in lush surroundings.

So we also go to places that are known, and then… we go a little bit further. For the extra experience. Only then we see the places that only locals know: ‘Hey! That is were we all learn to swim! How did you find this place?’. More than just walking along the water we also walk thróugh the water, and be sure: you’ll make some ‘jumps for joy’ this week! With the rest of our stuff not far away, we venture out there were water shoes are really compulsory. Yes, also go off the beaten track, but we always do our best to minimize risk of injury. The serious goal is to reach the end of the week in a bétter shape – mentally and physically! – than at the start. We care for each other and use our heads too.


I repeat: we do more than just visit places, we see how we can actively use them to keep cool when temperatures around us are high. So an active, hands-on attitude is handy. We are not top athletes, but we are still free and willing to remain free and sparkling as long as possible. They may require ‘an extra step’, our experiences throughout the week, but boy/girl, are they refreshing!




Sometimes just 5 minutes steep stairs in the rocks away from the car, the places that we visit, and sometimes 1 hour away! It’s not a quantity, but it’s the quality, and the willingness to also ‘go where few people go’. Respectfully also when we do a picknick lunch in these environments: we keep it cool ánd clean. And you know what: nature seems to like our mindset, gradually offering us more and more beauty. Which is of course in the eye of the beholder, and that’s us! Proud to be here and to be healthy and positive and experienced and considerate.


After our first two days in the West we go to the opposite side of Sardinia, in the east. Just to plunge ourselves – if you like also literally, in safety! – in deep beauty, like you see on the photo. This is a famous place, that most people observe from a distance. But having followed me some days now, by now you know: I will take you a bit deeper than that: round a few extra corners and ah, that’s why: extra beauty! Now here you see a courageous jump, but know that you are never forced into something. It will take some climbing here and there, but we will always help each other to make it doable, probably easier than you’d expect when you see this picture. In general: don’t be afraid of some extra effort, some extra meter, okay? For extra beauty. Come if safely venturing a bit more appeals to you too.

Our guide (left) for the two top days this week. Together we tell you how old Sardinians keep so fresh at super high age, and what can keep us modern people fresh & cool too. We are both well over 50 and put wise traditional knowledge into daily practice: not only in these pristine surroundings, but also back home. Let us inspire you too, and let us inspire each other on this playfully wise week!

Well, we áre on a very special island, you know! Visiting also longevity hotspots that put Sardinia on this list of these world inspiring places. We sleep two nights in the village with a multitude of references to their inspiring way of living. Our guide and me more than just know all the ins and outs: we put them into practice!

Okay, back to practice! Keeping cool is also knowing hów to find refreshing water. We learn the way shepherds used to care for their wells, and how to keep them clean and healthy. Just one of the tricks and experiences that reconnect to a life humans use to have. Now we have water from the tap, yes, but could we still survive in the wild? What is edible, drinkable, what did the local experts do to survive? We keep it mild of course, and help each other.

Look, this is probably the heaviest type of climbing that we will make. Our compulsory water shoes have good grip. I repeat: no need to be an athlete, and with some assistance here and there we keep it doable and safe. And hey, did you see that small mountain trout? The water here is probably the cleenest in Europe and so are the fish. Nature at it’s best. Us at our best! We travel in a compact group of max 9 people in total. No pressure on nature!

And even when it doesn’t seem like much – the water level, I would say – you’ll feel the difference between actually going inside, touching it, and keeping it at a distance, perhaps even criticising it. Immerse yourself in the quality, not in the quantity. It ís Summer, you know, but even then, if you pick up the hints and tips and tricks… Come if glasses are half full for you, instead of half empty.

On this cool journey we sleep in an ancient volcanic village, in a coastal B&B with fantastic sea view and… in a pristine hamlet in Sardinian high mountains, on a mat, in a sleeping bag, under wood, the water comes freshly from one of the many spring sources: essential, vibrant, caring, clean, refreshing, invigorating! Animals, herbs, air, water, stone, wood.  Two days of walking here feels heroic and know that it’s not completely leasurely: there are also some pretty steep climbs, nature trails, real beauty often requires an extra effort. A sportive, positive attitude is needed. And we all help each other.

And even if we walk in the sun, which is inevitable, they are ‘cool’ places anyway. Not exactly ón the way, but hey, again: making a few extra metres is worth the while! Come along, there is much hidden beauty to see!

And back for some in civilisation, we head straight for the coast: we sleep in a hotel with a fantastic view also on the sunrise in the sea. A chic cocktail bar at walking distance, but if you want to keep it ‘natural’: another nature hike, along the spectacular coast, starts right here. In Summer lots of people do it, but we – no surprise – take another route, less known, down to a beautiful hidden mini-bay. Dive? Or you stay in the hotel, and wait for our dinner, the town is somewhat touristic, but hey, everything is, after experiencing days as we just have! The following morning we stay here, for some rest and staring at the sea, probably. In the afternoon we move further down south, gradually towards our starting point, BUT NOT QUITE ENTIRELY YET!

Yes, indeed, also in our last two days, working our way back to the south, Cagliari, where we started, we go out and find cool cooling places. The whole week is a mix of relax and adventure, enjoy and discover, actively looking for and finding peace and serenity and health. Imagine yourself in a place like this?


We start on the 17th of July and the finish, also in Cagliari, is on the 24th of July.
1795 euro for a spectacular, complete week, full board: breakfast and dinner in hotel or restaurant or at home, and picniclunches with local Sardinian products only. ONe meal is in the mountain village, prepared by our guide, in ‘beauty & tasty!’:). Meals include local wine and home made liquor and special rich water and coffee. The price also includes entrance fees. All programmed transfers together are included too: to sites we visit and from and to the airport. Private transfers: surcharge. Guides included. And at the end of the week you have gained a deeper understanding & personal trust on how to effectively, practically keep alive the lifestyle tricks of people that remain healthy and free for very, very long in life. And you will have seen how friendly and ‘cool’ Sardinia is, full of positive energy & humanity. We hope that next time you bring your own people on Sardinia, you will be their ‘pathfinder’!
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