Laden Evenementen



  • DAY 1: Today we lovingly pick you up at the airport, and together we will go to our picturesque place for the week: swimming pool, fantastic food made by grandma, a happy non touristical place where in many ways Love is in the air!

    We also do something completely new, immediately tuning in on Love around us. A Love Walk, indeed a completely unique concept, that you will do, will make you realise that Love indeed is everywhere, so not just in the air. For a start and also when you are back home.

    Delicious evening meal, prepared by grandma in the kitchen. Well, all is clearly well already, and this is just arrival day.

    Big bonus immediately: no American April winter weather, but full spring!

    We start the day with admiring a glorious sunrise mirrored by the lake at 2 minutes walk from where you sleep. Message: ‘every day a new opportunity to shine’ refers to all of us!

    After this fantastic start we enjoy our daily delicious breakfast, followed by our daily round – well, rectangular it is – table near the pool, today talking on the theme of Self Love. Happiness and a sense of peace are the result of it, so we go for it.

    Since love comes from within we focus on the fact that ‘within’ is the place where we have old habits, patterns, fears: all the things that bring misery to our lives. Until we unlearn these mindsets, it’s an endless running from ourselves. And we will stop that.

    We celebrate our new energy with our first picnic lunch in beautiful nature. A real Italian coffee, some rest towards dinner. Dolce vita already.

    We will be discussing what it means taking time for your self. Through self discovery we will learn what it is to lova and learn to find time for just ourselves. Society puts pressure on us to think we should have people all around us all the time. But what we have on our own, cannot be shared with others. Therefore, we need to love ourselves alone. Today you will do that in the beautiful nature of ancient Sardinia.

    When we achieve the greater version of ourselves, we can focus on our desires, strengths, and visions; not others’! We will have no judgment, only good intentions. We will work on how we will create time for ourselves and not feel guilty about it.

    We will be talking about what rocks our boat! What are your likes and dislikes? What we will include in our daily rituals without feeling guilty taking time away from others.
    We will learn how to date our self and treat our self the way you want others to treat you. Why would not you? You sure are going to feel in love with your self!

    What is ‘unconditional love’? To sum it up it’s love without expecting anything in return. It is much easier to offer unconditional love to strangers than to people we are in the relationship with. In the relationship if it becomes a one way street – where only you keep giving – you get hurt. They might not meet your expectations, but you can’t deny the chemistry. We will be talking a lot about how to step back from our expectations and see if we feel the love, care, compassion and respect that we deserve.

    Let’s say we are out and about. Meeting and perhaps dating people. Of course: who wouln’t want to be with us! By now, we know our selves very well and will be more careful with who we let in our lives. Not to sound strict, but we will continue to put our selves first and continue to invest in ourselves.

    This is the best investment in the world! After all, the time we have in this life is quite limited and we want to be wise about how we spend it. That’s why we will set boundaries for ‘me’ time.

    In the afternoon Relaxation. Because when it comes to love, the more we love ourselves, the more we can relax, the more we can open up instead of closing down. It is a safe way practicing vulnerability, which is a key to developing intimacy in relationships.

  • DAY 8: We say goodbye and thank the great places that brought us so much. Near the airport we visit a prehistoric place to deepen our feeling, and walk to the top of a hill, with castle ruin, the ruins of your old beliefs. You´re standing on top of them. Happy flight out of Sardinia. unless you ´ll stay sonme more time. Of course you can count on help with planning, and by now you´re more expert on Sardinia than most tourists after staying a week on this beautiful island, that Italians call their Island of Myth. Will you come back someday?


Have you seen the movie Under the Tuscan Sun? There is a quote that says ‘lady bugs are everywhere’, meaning love is everywhere. Regardless of what type of relationship you are looking for, it will require communication, self love, boundaries, trust, authenticity, appreciation, shared pleasure, giving and giving and receiving and personal responsibility.

As a life coach, I like to use the analogy ‘Love is like a screen door: keep the bugs out, let the fresh air in’. Same with love. Most and foremost, it comes to self love. Because the most important relationship we will ever have, is with ourselves. Are we honest with ourselves what we want? Desire? Or we are simply the victims? Victims of social, peers, society, and family pressures?

Are we willing to settle down for ‘good enough’ or take time to work on ourselves, fall in love with ourselves and show the rest of the world what kind of love we expect from others?

This retreat is about Love, all kind of Love. Love without compromising your self.

For those who are Single, looking for love.

For those in the relationship, but experiencing conflict. Want clarity: stay or leave?.

For those in the relationship, but wanting more.

We invite you to join us on our retreat. The topic is LOVE.
We want to teach you and transform you into self loving, radiantly happy people.

You will leave the retreat with a full clarity on what you would like to be experiencing in the specific relationship.
You will learn a lot abount effective communication and how to resolve conflict when it arises.

You will be fully transparent with your self and will have a clear picture how you view your self independently, without a partner.

You will learn about boundaries and leave knowing what you need to have in place to thrive.

You will leave with trust in your self and your internal knowing to guide your self by making best choices in order to move forward.

You will leave with a full authenticity how to be fully your self and still be loved.

You will leave appreciating your self, because appreciating creates generosity in the emotional bank account.

No better time to find love for your self than when you travel to the beautiful Sardinia with us, giving you opportunities to reacharge, finding love, and getting to know yourself.

Below you see some images of things to look forward to. Followed by the section Logistics. Followed by the registration form at the bottom of this eventpage.


Larisa Entin has life experience, charm,  coaching technique, a loving heart and energy in abundance.

‘I have worked with many people from different walks of life, who have been successful in their professions but not always in their personal lives. Others have fulfilling personal lives but maybe are not as successful in their careers. But people can have both.
My practice – see -concentrates on changing beliefs, then behaviors, which can help you change your identity to become who you really want to be. I use the Transformation Coaching Method to help you be that person.’

These items are made of Sardinian obsidian, ‘Sardinia’s Black Gold’ in its wealthy pre-Roman era. Its obsidian was so precious, it was also used for the eyes in Egyptian pharao statues. The force is tangible. We will visit someone that works it, with much much love for this special material.

Life can be hard, but we learn to keep a loving heart. Here you see just some spontaneous find, in a remote place. With the right mindset, it will come to you and to us all.

We will move on the island in a 9 seater minivan, and a small 4×4 if needed. And we do some walking. It’s not Disneyland, so the places can feel somewhat off the beaten track, in fact few people go there, but the driver knows it all, from many other visits, and you will be lovingly guided,  accompanied.

Shortly before the sun rises, a very zen experience. We know you’ll be glad you came.

‘We kind of look into things.’ Seriously, playfully, meaningfully. Often in mysterious places anyway, so we might even invent it’s intended use.

Ah, the food! Amore! Prepared with love for the ingredients, that are local, seasonal, tasteful.

Also great places to talk – and listen to well chosen words, music – are these over 3000 years old stone towers. Here seen from the top down into the cupola on the ground floor. Thick walls, privacy, safe space to talk and share is always guaranteed.

Even in Italy itself, Sardinia is ‘world famous’ for it’s beaches and sea. Of course we’ll visit a beach too. This one, to Sardinian standards, is just average.

Proud Sardinian roots, an eye for beauty, 25 retreats organised before: you’re in safe hands of Sam. ‘The serenity that comes from selflove is one of the secrets behind the still super healthy 100 years olds. This retreat inspiring on this serenity is my reason to organise it. And I can’t wait to take you to very special beautiful places!’


2222 euro, most certainly a great investrment on the long run in life too. You will enjoy this unique Sardinia experience with full board, including breakfast and dinner and picnic lunches with genuine Sardinian products. Local wine is always included, as well as super healthy local well water and home made liquor. Entrance tickets are included too. You spend almost nothing else. The programme also includes all transfers, including from and back to the airport that we do together in the group. (Separate rides subject to a surcharge).
The price does not include the flight to and from Sardinia: book early and you pay less; personal coaching offered.
You can claim your flight costs from your cancellation insurance, not from your travel insurance. If the airline cancels, they will refund your money fot the flight. Coaching and experience offered. If we, organisers, cancel the trip because there are not enough participants, we will refund your entire amount paid. Read well above: the flight is not included, so you will have it refunded by your cancellation insurance.
Questions about the logistics and program? Please contact or via Whatsapp: 0031-6-11 33 45 11, Sam. After that we hope to see your registration form filled out, or your first email. Shortly after you will receive an email of STO Garant, the guarantee fund that Keep Alive Tours is linked too, being a professional tour operator, registred ad
It’s STO Garant that will ask you to transfer your downpayment and the remaining part of the sum. Keep Alive Tours will receive it only after completion of the retreat.
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