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  • DAY 1:This Fellowship of the Cool starts at Abbasanta train station, central on the island. From there a transfer to one of the water rich Green Lungs of Sardinia: the Montiferru Area. Lunch in a famous Sardinian 7-spring-village. General instruction on coolness in hot weather, and immediately bold practice, off the beaten track. Walk to hidden waterfall in lush forest environment. Immediately cool! Night in an old volcano village, known for it’s cool atmosphere.
  • DAY 2: Today an off the beaten track visit to waterfalls nearby: not the usual approach, not the usual way of experiencing. Some boldness, of course in all safety! Accompanied walking through streams. Back home after picnic lunch in nature: practice the coolest thing to do in hot weather, at home.
    Part 2 of these waterfalls: approaching and using them differently again. A healthy rediscovery, and what you practice is a serious contribution to a heathy long life: Blue Zone inspiration.
  • DAY 3: A small expedition, including lunch in a cool ‘Montiferru Mountain’ hamlet. After that a slightly adventurous descent to hidden waterfalls again, that come in 2, and if you know how to look by now, even in 3 and 4 and 5. Cryptic? Not after the first 2 days you just had! Visit to the beach and sea too, to feel the difference in ‘coolness’. Dinner in a cool little café, with always cool music too!
  • DAY 4: Transfer back to Abbasanta, first visiting a cool place also archaeologically: under the ground, safe, impressive, cool. An adventure this too. You come out of it like you come out of these days: refreshed, proud.


Everybody seems to think that during hot Sardinian summers it’s best to go to the sea for coolness. What a mistake! It can be terribly hot at the coast. Come and develop plan B: cool places in the inland! For that this time we visit places around Santu Lussurgiu. Think you know them? Well, not in this way, with maximum focus on coolness, practical, healthy.

On these 4 days you stay for 3 nights in a historic house, cool, wise, serene. Yes, the focus is totally on wise coolness, keeping cool, visiting cool places in more aspects, including ‘temperature-wise. And it´s not just in the off the beaten track places, it´s also about the thinking, even the way of walking, let´s say the cool intentions, the awareness, our curiosity. Mindset, adventure, health, choices.

There will be some cool music too, on specific surprising places, deepening the experience. Mind-opening without drugs, only real contact with nature and natural ways.

Come along personally tested and often even found mix of waterfalls, pools, streams. Learning tricks on how to keep cool, not only now, on the short run, but also on the long run for life. Tips, experiences, meaningful conversations, good food, good company. Some hiking, discovering, swimming, climbing out of water, picnic lunches and, great food. We will be more IN Sardinia than just ON Sardinia.

Welcome to a unique 4 days, quite a Sardinian experience, and you will remember the lessons, insights, tricks, that make you stay healthy longer in life. No less! Because this retreat also includes inspiration on the happy healthy longevity champions on this island. More than a book or documentary can give: experience!


Water shoes are recommended. Or an old pair of sneakers, no problem if they get wet.

We stay in one of the finest of Borghi Autentici d’Italia± Authentic Hamlets in Italy. Centuries old house, wisely built to keep cool in hjot weather too.

Yes, we also go off the beaten track, but we always do our best to minimize the risk of injury. We care for one another and use our heads too.


You know what: nature seems to like our mindset, gradually offering us more and more beauty. Proud to be here and to be healthy and positive and considerate.


We know all the ins and outs of Sardinia´s heaslthy longevity champions. And so will you.

We go to places that have water even in driest periods, and especially where quantity is low, quality can be surprisingly high. And sometimes the famous waterfalls where tourists go do not have that water force as the streams up-stream!

And even if we walk in the sun, which is inevitable, they are ‘cool’ places anyway. Not exactly on the way, but hey, again: walking a few extra metres is worth the while! Come along, there is much hidden beauty to see!


START & FINISH: 1 to 4  August 2023.
800 eurofor full board: breakfast and dinner at a hotel or restaurant or at home, and extensive picnic lunches with local Sardinian products only. Meals include local wine and home-made liquor and spring water and coffee/tea. All programmed transfers together to sites that we visit are included too.
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