This holiday home – where you can also rent a room – is one of the best preserved (and modernised) historical houses in Santu Lussurgiu, a hidden gem on Sardini. No tourist atmosphere, but it’s own traditional atmosphere. Active with festivals that are known amongst Sardinians in entire Sardinia, that speak very positive about the nature surrounding. You pass that nature on your beautiful way to eight different types of beaches. Lucky you.

There are also archaeological sites of the very highest level on Sardinia. This is only one, more than 3000 years old, a masterpiece, at12 minutes drive:

The house – including expert tips that you get also during your stay, via Whatsapp, if you like – was rewarded with a 9,8 out of 10 on
a major booking site:

Book directly for a week and you get 50 euro discount at one of the local traditional knife makers.

And this is the website of the house: You will find reviews also on Google Maps: Sardinia Retreat Base.

But now the house. Reached by entering the old historical centre, towards the Piazza San Pietro, our own Saint Peter’s Square. Your car likes being parked there. To the right up the hill you see a giant Christ statue guarding the village.  It ís deeply serene at night here. One sleeps so well in this serene atmosphere!

Anyway, around two corners and at you left: a stone facade, elegant iron work. Inside immediately the smell of serene old stone and antique wood. Stone ornaments, details, arches, carpenter’s works, wooden door list, stone ceilings, a stone niche at your right, a former water jug storage, not many houses still have this. Ornaments reflecting also Sardinia’s rich past. Stairs go down and up, it’s a pleasure to touch the stone and wood while walking.

On the top floor a room with two single beds that can also be joined together. Iron curling frame, hearts, beautiful Sardinian bed covers, a seat and table with coffee and tea, a table and mirror where to do your make up. A very original closet in the wall for your clothes. The bathroom has a hairdrier and a bathtub with shower, so choose.

On the floor immediately after your first stairs an elegant door with antique chestnut panels. Look at that wooden ceiling, those huge beams, this sleeps very nice indeed. The antique closet with mirror, the painted rnaments on the walls, the tastefully selected lamps. A double bed with Sardinian traditional bedcovers and a single one, iron beds, fine mattrasses. A stone niche with coffee and tea and a seat. The bathroom belonging to this room is big, with nice tilework, again a bathtub (jacuzzi type) and shower in one. The washing machine is here.

Rent the whole house and you have the living room too, stone arches again, very nice fireplace, wood stove, heating and cooling also here, a cosey kitchen with broquante table, tasteful lamps around, and outside at the back a quiet place in the evening, to have your glass of wine at candle light, shadows reflected on the wall, a churchbell every now and then, the village in serene quiet, at night.

At day tens of little shops, some of them not indicated, but they are there, just wander around and look around and inside houses, ah there is the old traditional shoemaker, knife maker, saddle maker, jewelry, grocery shops, tourist office, pizzeria hidden deep into the historic centre, only experienced locals venture with their car into this old centre, with cobble stoned roads, alleys, where in February horses and riders race with bravado, showing theur skills. This is horse country, you know? Ah, that’s why all those paintings of horses on the walls. Wander around at night, the yellow lantern light is so romantic, some old window panes are full of symbols, mysterious. Or what can you make of it?

And this was only the first day. Tomorrow to the beach, or waterfalls, or idyllic restaurant on a ranch hidden in the hills, or prehistoric majestic building only few people know, and no-one still really knows what they were for. Will you be the one with the genius solution? They are Sardinia’s pride, it reminds them of old times, in which they ruled, were feared.