Compose your own tour of uncommon Sardinia, along your personal highlights

You might not fancy a group tour with ‘new’ people. But you dó want to experience places and people that make Sardinia outstanding?


Are you a father and son, a husband and wife, a group of friends, colleagues in the flower or you just name your other business? Book a personalized itinerary.


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But tell me, what would you like your tour theme to be? Doing father-son things? Well… ‘Family doings created quite some strain also on my teenage son. I booked KeepAliveTours to guide us along places that stand for male bonding: climbing, daring, discovering & sticking together! Standing on high grounds together!

We met inspiring Sardinian men, reached special places together both under the ground as high on the hills, at exactly the right moment, for instance the sunset. All superb experiences for me and my son together. The knives atelier was just one of the highlights. And we saw an octopus swimming! Unforgettable!’

Learning Italian?

– simple easy-survival sentences

– simple practical conversation

– practice en route, making contact with locals and keeping the flow, social skills too. Sardinians speak a pure Italian!


Depending on your passions, hobbies, wishes, you can book a tour containing also some of those elements but then Sardinian style.

The light version costs: 250 euro.
(Places to eat and visit and sleep.)

The full version costs: 500 euro.
(The same, with daily extra tips and exact locations. Be sure: Sardinian signposting is bad or non-existent.)


Just some themes:
– natural rest and energy
– prehistorical places of worship
– labyrinths, concentric circles, spirals
– Blue Zone elements
– Sardinian cuisine
– wine
– village festivals

A review:
‘A few weeks ago we discovered Sardinia along a two weeks route plotted by Sam/Keep Alive Tours. Custom made, based on our interests.
We stayed in unique places, ate deliciously, visited spectacular sites, all things that we surely would not have discovered on our own! In short: an unforgettable experience. And we can highly recommend it!’

So, contact me and we arrange those special Sardinian days for you!

Either I guide you personally, or you tour by yourself.

Quick responses, clever questions, swift thinking and linking!

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After a week still this atmosphere, how would that be for you?



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