Pagan carnivals Sardinia, origin & present: january 2019

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Pagan carnivals Sardinia, origin & present: january 2019

On Sardinia Carnival is far from Venetian carnival, and certainly further from German Beerfest-carnivals elsewhere:

– it maintains many pagan elements, pre-Christian
– the church participates but only in the beginning
– there are bonfires in every neighbourhood
– local wine and local sweets are shared
– villagers dance traditional dances
– new light and new spark to nature symbolize a new beginning
– and what the Sardinian name translated into ‘meat to cut’ means?

Safely 🙂 guided by me, meeting Sardinians explaining and welcoming us to their initial village rites, before the official Sardinian carnivals begin around Mardi Gras etc., you will witness community feeling and pure connection to nature and tradition in a friendly atmosphere, surely miles and miles away from your normal whereabouts around mid January.

Welcome to join on 5 unique days filled with impressions for 10 days, including:
– visiting the houses-for-1-euro-village
– visiting Ottana and Mamoiada, two of the very traditional Sardinian carnival villages
– discovering unknown prehistorical sites that elsewhere would have been world famous (bronze age and older)
– including Sardinia’s Stonehenge, but much older than that and not reconstructed by man, and ‘co-incidentally’ at the centre of this island and… surprisingly, but we have proof 🙂 … the antique world

From Sunday 12 to Friday 18 January, wisely planned around the very special 16 and 17 January, when the catholic church calls it ‘Saint Anthony Abt’, well, yes, he did bring fire from the ‘underworld’ to our ‘upperworld’, but for the rest…

Are you curious to know about the pagan Sardinian origins, see Sardinians wear also dark and animal masks and perform rites thousands of years old, stamping new life into the ground?

Free extra option 1:
– the atmosphere is light, don’t worry, and by the way: more and more lightfootedly we walk on nature trails in the hilly interior of the Sardinian Barbagia region, the heart of Sardinia.

You will also get a physical feel of the heart & soul of Sardinia!

Free extra option 2:
– the PassionTest, giving you a clear suggestion of what to focus on in 2018. This is a great workshop with surprising results, that of course you can keep to your self. Changing life of course aint’t easy 🙂

We sleep in two characteristical agriturismo’s, holiday farms and B&B selected for their pureness and attachment to Sardinia. Not just by words but by personal character. Great people! All with a 9.0 grading at least on Food is all ‘chilometro zero’, very local indeed.

First two nights in a B&B with ‘the best breakfast in the world’. Last three in a purest agriturismo you can imagine, led by a versatile, creative survivor, a small strong man. All around the mountain city of Gavoi.

The price of 1200 euro included everything, also coffeestops and excursions and entry fees and personal interpreting and all the shared food and local wine and water at dinner table. Dinner in small restaurant or at the farm, lunch as a picknick in nature.

As for your flight from Charleroi to Cagliari: your first 50 euro of costs will be returned in cash immediately after your landing. Price is based on a minimum of 4 participants. 150 euro supplement applies for a single room. Only 7 places available.

Between light frost at night to up to 20 degrees at day.

Great sunrises too!!!



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