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Jan Gravekamp is one of Holland’s greatest non-professional photographers, acclaimed for viewing the world with a very original creative eye. His work is published in prestigious places.
Come and travel with him, he will share with you how he looks, and what tips&tricks he uses. All that on the very photogenic island Sardinia:

  • with its unique light at day ánd at night(Sardinia is officially one of Europe’s darkest places in Europe)
  • with it’s quaint megalithical and even more deeply prehistorical sites (towers with internal cupola’s, accessible rock graves, water temples and more)
  • with it’s healthy 100-year olds, being 1 in 5 Blue Zones on earth

The start is on Saturday morning 13 October 2018,
when I welcome you at Olbia airport, and then..


we go straight inland, to visit the City of Wine Berchidda, so proud of it’s Vermentino wines, that it boasts a regional wine museum. Picture vineyards, and perhaps witnessing harvest?

And why not wander between spectacular rock formations, complete with a mysterious stone altar (?) full of symbols, an international enigma.

Like everywhere we stay at highly rated agriturismo’s with fine Sardinian food, locally grown, home made, and righteously proudly presented. And the wine… 🙂 And the view on the sun setting over the lake and behind the hills…
After that we visit a village famous for it’s hefty wine and… world class embroidery designs; we should visit the absolute master of this craft, an old lady, with eye for perfect detail indeed.
After that to the east coast, for some beautiful rocky coast, on the second day perhaps visiting a hidden picturesque Hobbit-village-style nature getaway.

Then we head back into the very centre of Sardinia, also smack in the middle of the ancient equator of the world: the famous 40 degree parallel. Too much coincidence to be false:
Tens of menhirs between oldest of oldest trees there, in that ‘centre’.
Here too we stay in a mansion praised very highly on Booking.com, personal friends, we are more than just guests.
On our road to them we might stop and wonder why prehistoric people made that 40 metres long stone phallus here, in Bronze (?) age? It’s one of the many mysterious, unexplained sites on this fascinating island, immersed in nature, without any roadsign leading to it. Would be world famous anywhere else, wouldn’t you say?
The next day we visit the city of wine Berchidda, so proud of it’s Vermentino wines, that it boasts a regional wine museum.

to a village whose unique wine promises you to become a 100 in excellent health, the grapes are called Mandrolisai. And the famous 100-year-whine contains more..
We see the preparations for a traditional wine festival this weekend…
…and of course we will be visiting the award winning wine producer in that same village, so central in Sardinia.
And why not wander between particular rock formations, complete with a mysterious stone altar (?) full of symbols, an international enigma. The perfect place for a fine local wine at sunset.
The plain richness and passion, the fine details, the good humour, the slightly adventurous moments of… discovery. Here you will actually feel Sardinia and it’s heart and soul, more than just touring around a bit, just superficially.
Come if you like heart & soul, unique stories, high class modest people, mysterious places, social connection, and if you like to laugh a lot too!

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