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  • DAY 1: Arrive at Olbia and transfer to the first agriturismo in Tula/Berchidda and climb a central mountain and see sóme sunset!
  • DAY 2: Visit one of the islands great mysteries: a ‘rock altar’ with enigmatic symbols, and great sunset again.
  • DAY 3: Transfer to second agriturismo, in mountainous Gavoi, and on route we visit world’s oldest labyrinth, hidden under the ground. Experience the difference between a maze and a labyrinth! And a topclass shepherd knifes maker (a woman!)
  • DAY 4: Visiting the pagan carnivals village and world’s biggest phallus and Giant’s Tombs in majestic setting alligned to sóme sunrise!
  • DAY 5: Transfer to the third agriturismo in Tonara, visiting the ‘centre of the world'(we have proof :), drinking the centenareans wine and meeting the sheep bell makers, with suprising international ties: jazz music.
  • DAY 6: Hiking to the top of Sardinia together with a Blue Zone guide, with lunch at Hobbit Village.
  • DAY 7: Transfer back to the airport, after a dive in the sea, and after surely a great lunch and after promising Sardinia to come back soon, probably.


Around the days of Summer Solstice – ‘longest day’= most hours of sunlight – we visit ancient monuments that were built in alignment to that day. Magical moments. Some in silence, other visited by people who know. Around those visits we cut right through the heart of this fascinating island, enjoying hidden places and persons where the uniqueness of Sardinia is tangible. In a comfortable 9-seater minivan, we will tour right into the heart of this beautiful island, the world’s fullest for prehistoric remains, towers, sacred wells, that are surprising works of art too. Recognise this: with humour, intelligence, openmindedness, good talks about life too? Join this surprising tour if you like the combination of shorttime fun and longterm wisdom: includes inspiration on how to become a healthy centenarean yourself.

Only Dutch people attending? Then wij spreken Nederlands 🙂


On the longest ‘light’ day of the year we will be there, amongst quite some Sardinians. Sit in the niche with that light beam on you, and… well… the rest of the year will seem lighter. Joke. A special event anyway, quite hidden, and we will also enter a part few people know: under the ground. Is the Indiana Jones in you still alive? Mind you: in all safety, of course :). The official archaeological explanations and some ‘far out’ explanations will be playfully confronted with each other.

Far out? Not only more and more people murmur of Atlantis, while so many features match. Which ones? You’ll hear. Not only more and more signs of intense ties with ancient Egypt pop up. One also murmurs of ‘a centre of the ancient world, central located on the famous 40th degree parallel, the so-called ‘equator of the ancient world’? Great places, great stories!

Meanwhile, the wine is plenty and fine, locally produced, as is the food, in the several agriturismo-holiday farms that have been personally tested and selected by me, before.
Ah, and the people we meet, could just be UNESCO heritage, well, at least their craft or specialty. We visit some great characters! Like these sheep bell makers: master craftsmen not only for iron, but also for sound, very particular sound. Jazz musicians have discovered them too.

Sardinia has several areas that they call Blue Zone: centenareans reach a hundred years in excellent shape. What do they do and…. how could we do that too?

We also wander around in world’s biggest phallus (30 m), made in prehistory, strangely hidden. And guess what it’s pointing at?

We climb to the top of the pointiest ánd to the highest peak in Sardinia.

We visit one of the world’s oldest labyrinths, and learn what to do with it 🙂

We first sleep in Tula or Berchidda, also featuring a swimming pool. Then in mountainous Gavoi, again a swimming pool. Then in Tonara, great host. All places have been personally tested and approved for atmosphere, host, food, wine, surroundings, being connected to real Sardinia. No touristical superficiality. A lot of proud local wine and home made liquors of all sorts :).

We also just stroll in nature, to the several sites, off road, and you will probably enjoy this kind of views too.


The sooner you book the flight, the lower the flight cost will be. From Holland we fly via Easyjet, Amsterdam-Olbia on 16 June, returning on 23 June 2018.
For 7 nights in a Sardinian agriturismo’s, personally selected, with all meals included, also house wine and liquori at dinner, all picknicklunches in naturem all entry fees, all excursions, lot’s of info on the Blue Zone-longevity rules: minimum 1275 euro (with 7 participants) and maximum 1400 euro (with 4 participants). We are 4 now, so, yes, your booking will lower the price for all.
After your email (info@keepalivetours.com) confirmation, you will receive info on how to pay via a transfer to the foundation Stichting Escrow, so to secure your STO-guarantee.
Call or Whatsapp at 0031-6-11 33 45 11 or via EMAIL
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Be aware of:
secure your own flight and insurances (help offered with booking);
when booking you accept to participate at own responsability;
only transfers in group are included in the price.

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