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A running and life inspiring 5 days around the first September weekend in 2018, very close to the splendid Sardinian westcoast:

– experiencing the famous Sardinian Corsa degli Scalzi 

(a merry religious barefoot running event for locals,
in and around Cabras, a Sardinian traditional fishermen’s village)

– illustrating how the Blue Zone success-elements for longer living can keep your running and walking alive

(natural movement, protected feeling, positive tribe, family helps, more vegetarean, eat enough, pauze in between, keep close to a life destiny),

– investigating best elements of mindful run, trailrunning, runningtherapy, sportrusten, simple effective breathing, positive mindset and simple self-confidence

– based at a nice family run Sardinian agriturismo, personally tested several times

(depending on flight arrival and departure times we might only start and/or finish at an agriturismo closer to the airport on this bíg island).

The price of 1095 euro includes:

– in total 15 farm diners and breakfasts and picknick lunches with also their drinks being locally produced

– 10 (facultative) excursions to special / traditional / prehistorical Sardinian sites / events, illustrating the Blue Zone success elements; also all entry fees are included

– transfers by comfortable minivan together on the island, from and to airports and sites and events to be visited together

– at the right moments visiting of the Corsa degli Scalzi, the men and the separate women event, the village festival in the pilgrim’s village of San Salvatore, with me as your personal translator & local people connecter at your side

So, not your usual trip abroad, no 🙂

Info: Or call me at 0031-6-1 33 45 11.

During the run

At the village party on Saturday, streetsellers, traditional dancing, music, and fish bbq. This is fishermen’s country here! 
Steal this and at the airport you could be fined with 1000 euro. Yes.

The area is called Sinis, and we have the sea at 10 minutes in the west, mountains at 20 minutes in the north, and the local capital Oristano at 20 minutes to the south.

Our agriturismo is in the countryside of Riola Sardo and our hosts Carmela and Massimiliano are such nice people! Grandma and grandpa still help too. Generations of work, you see around you. The sheep, the cows and pigs. The trees along our appartment filled with little singing birds. Fruit trees all around. At 5 minutes walking you see flamingoes in the wild.

I also teach you how to avoid the tiny little spines from these cactus figs, and eat this vitamin C bomb!

At arrival of course they serve a welcome drink, home made from one of the fruits that happen to grow there. Good stuff! The restaurant at the other side of the trees lining our appartments serves only local dishes, so they have been practicing on them for a long time. Very logically, the result is…. hmmmm!

This is ‘not Italy’, Sardinia, so don’t expect pizza and so on… At least not at the agriturismi. 🙂

The rooms in Sardinia are prepared for 3 or 4 people, and of course you can have it as a single (supplement). Normally we place couples together, close friends, or people getting along fine. The appartments have their own shower and toilet and wifi. The atmosphere is calm, quiet, sobre, deep sleep: best after our beautiful days full of beautiful impressions.

The village festival Corsa degli Scalzi itself implies running the patron saint’s statue into safety, re-enacting a true story some 500 years ago, when a pirate’s ship approached, villagers ran away with the statuem producing a cloud of dust so big, that the pirates feared to find at least a 1000 villagers ready. They headed elsewhere 🙂

After the morning walking session you are welcome to join for an excursion to nature, ancient culture, the Corsa degli Scalzi, we picknick lunch together then, in nature. Of course we also visit the spectacular quartz beaches (steal the sand and you might get fined with a 1000 euro. Yes. Period.).

In Oristano some fine examples of tasteful city life:

At small distance in and around Sinis we find many spectacular archeological sites, even intricate buildings alligned to the sun and moon and stars. There was a spectacular civilisation on Sardinia during the Bronze Age, as spectacular as it is unknown in the world’s public opinion, memory. Slowly but surely one is scratching away the sand, here, a sheer impossible task, because the island appears has a uniquely dense collection of archaelogical sites, unique in the whole world. Is the Indiana Jones still awake in you too? Welcome to try and figure out what has happened here. More and more people read Plato very closely, very literally when he describes the ancient Atlantis as having 20.000 stone towers and more and more details that… Well, come and look around. Investing in a house here could be a smart idea indeed.

What remains, seen from above, of this complex over 3500 years old, ‘just’ rough stones piled on top of each other, well…



Start: 30 August @ 8:00 am
End: 4 September @ 5:00 pm
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Riola Sardo, Italy

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