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  • DAY 1: Arrival in Alghero. Blue Zone walk through nature to spectacular most hidden prehistoric rock tombe S’Incantu, and back. Transfer to agriturismo on westcoast. Blue Zone walk to pink flamingoes in the wild at sunset. hapjes, transfer top-3-beach, arrival and stroll on and around agriturismo
  • DAY 2: Blue Zone walk on quartz pebbles beach, forbidden to take home with you. Blue Zone walk on rock promontory in the sea. Visit to prehistoric well deep under a country church: water worship.
  • DAY 3: Blue Zone walk in the Iron Mountains nearby to panoramic nuraghe temple tower. Blue Zone walk around big whale rock in the sea and secluded beach
  • DAY 4: Blue Zone walk to nuraghe tower with still under ground cupola, and on archeaological park with spectacular water temple.
  • DAY 5: Blue Zone walk in the fertile fields around the agriturismo, and along the coast in natural park along cliffs.
  • DAY 6: Blue Zone walk on old vulcano area, full of ancient obsidian flints, allowed to pick and select.
  • DAY 7:Transfer back to airport, along spectacular west coast, last visit to Alghero.


We rediscover the 9 Blue Zone elements translating them to Western daily life versions, personally. Staying at a familiar traditional agriturismo, with great food and atmosphere. In the area Sinis, flat but with mountains and beautiful sandy and rocky coast nearby. Discovering prehistorical sites that have saying power. Walking and feeling connected, in contact with inspiring people, healthy living, long term wisdom.
Only Dutch people attending? Then wij spreken Nederlands 🙂


Feeling positive about the 9 Blue Zone elements in your life. Because your body will present the bill, someday. Later than sooner, preferably. Start applying them now.

Imagine also ‘truly gezellig’ lunch picknicks in natu

Imagine also ‘truly gezellig’ lunch picknicks in nature. Mostly on prehistorical sites in unspoilt nature, deep back in time, 4000 years old, full of stories and… silence.

We travel by minivan. The experienced driver is your personal interpreter too.

Our agriturismo is in the countryside of Riola Sardo and our hosts Carmela and Massimiliano are such nice people! Grandma and grandpa still help too. Generations of work, you see around you. The sheep, the cows and pigs. The trees along our appartment filled with little singing birds. Fruit trees all around. At 5 minutes walking you see flamingoes in the wild.
The area is called Sinis, and we have the sea and glorious sunsets at 10 minutes in the west, mountains at 20 minutes in the north, and the local capital Oristano at 20 minutes to the south. These quartz pebbles and grains are illegal to take home.

I also teach you how to avoid the tiny little spines from these cactus figs, and eat this vitamin C bomb!

This is ‘not Italy’, Sardinia, so don’t expect pizza and so on… At least not at the agriturismi. 🙂

The fish is directly from the nearby lagunes, of course! This is the fish where the Sardinian caviar bottarga comes from, by the way. Taste that too!

The quiet rooms have their own shower and toilet and wifi. The atmosphere is calm, quiet, sobre, deep sleep, birdsong from the trees wakes you up: best after our beautiful days full of beautiful impressions. Seats to relax outside, cosey.

A small sunrise run or walk before breakfast sounds simple, but feels spectacular.

A walk in the old vulcano caldera just feels differently.

The lagunes can dry up around the edges, they say under the mud a lost city….

The tiniest and cutest of ‘giant tombs’ on the island, along a d

The tiniest and cutest of ‘giant tombs’ on the island, along a deserted road, where nature is taking over. Rich natural simplicity. Great places to walk to and around! Who were these ‘giants’? Italians call the island ‘Isola Mito, the island of myths’. Rightly so!

Just to illustrate that you will eat local produce only, from Sardinia!

We’ll get closer to the flamingo’s, their sound is peculiar, their awareness of us sharp indeed. And when they take to the air, at first clumsily, but very soon: elegance!

Standing on the old vulcano, a perfect place to see the sun set too over this westernpart of Sardinia. Difficult to find spot, but not for us.

Just to illustrate that so much along the road is edible, here wild fennel. And there’s much more to eat along the streets 🙂
Wild figs straight from the trees to.

They are master horse-riding here, the local carnival is about horse acrobacy and showing their bravery. A long waiting list for those that want to participate!

The ‘Mayan’ water temple but then dating 2000 years before the Mayans… A fascinating place ode to the moon and feminility.

Cordiality and immediate friendship at the table, you will be among Sardinians.

Feel the deep quietness of just simply a now deserted road, trees taking over, walking towards the tiny Giant’s Tomb, one of the best preserved on the island. Here you will see the elegant design they all used to have.


ON 5 JUNE at Alghero airport and DEPARTURE ON 12 JUNE 2018.
for 7 farm dinners and 7 breakfasts and 7 nature picknick lunches, including their locally produced drinks; for 10 (facultative) excursions to special / traditional / prehistorical Sardinian sites / events, while illustrating the Blue Zone success elements; for all entry fees and transfers by comfortable minivan together on the island, from and to airports and sites and events to be visited together: 1495 euro, that can drop down to 1200 if we reach 7 people, so invite a friend too?
by mail first, and then you get info to transfer the cost to the foundation Stichting Escrow: thus you will have travel guarantee STO.
call me at 0031-6-11 33 45 11
the flight cost varies per day so is not included in the price; of course we’ll help to book;
your own travel and cancellation insurance is obligatory.

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