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(Kan ook gewoon in het Hollands, hoor.)

On Saturday morning 20 October 2018 I welcome you at Olbia airport, and then..

1) we go straight into the Sardinian heart, to a village whose unique wine promises you to become a 100 in excellent health, the grapes are called Mandrolisai. And the famous 100-year-whine contains more…

Of course we visit the traditional wine festival this weekend…

…visiting also the award winning wine producer in that same village, so central in Sardinia.

Then, like the rest of the week, you have two interpreters at your side:
– me, connaisseur of Sardinia
– Roberto, connaisseur of Italian wines and owner of Da Roberto in Scharendijke.

Along the way we meet fine & friendly Sardinian people with class and style, even if they don’t look like it. They can be UNESCO-certified without boasting about it. Or fanatic about a specific ancient grape, and winning prizes with that. We hear their story and taste their wine.

One of the places might be the very centre of Sardinia, also smack in the middle of the ancient equator of the world: the famous 40 degree parallel. Too much coincidence to be false:

Be sure that we stay in a special B&B, serving an exquisite breakfast!

2) The day after we go to the village with a Sardinian Michelin Star restaurant, mind you: for six years in a row! Including of course their top wine suggestions. All included in the price.

And after that for instance, a short car climb to a prehistoric plateau and monument, to admire the Milky Way, Sardinia has the darkest nights in Europe. Feel it?

Here we stay in a mansion praised very highly on, personal friends, we are more than just guests. And the pool might be pleasant indeed also these days.

3) Two days later we go back into the Sardinian heart, visiting the second 100-year-wine area on the island, producing Cannonau whine. We visit one of the best cantina’s is not that far from a the fabulous east coast…

On our road to them we might stop and wonder why prehistoric people made that 40 metres long stone phallus here, in Bronze (?) age? It’s one of the many mysterious, unexplained sites on this fascinating island, immersed in nature, without any roadsign leading to it. Would be world famous anywhere else, wouldn’t you say?

4) After the Cannonau canteen we head to the north to visit the best Sardinian ‘samurai class’ knives atelier, with special passionate and detailed demonstration, ZAC! Want to buy one? International waiting list of months, but who knows…

5) After that one of the truly hidden Sardinian pearls, micro-winemakers that obtained a Bronze at world class Decanter, using an ancient, local, rare grape.

And you might go down in one of the very hidden rock caves, here containing one of the world’s oldest labyrinths. You also learn how to use it.

Here we stay in a refined agriturismo that prides in it’s cuisine with authentic species of grain and other produce, brought back to it’s original form.

6) The next day we visit the city of wine Berchidda, so proud of it’s Vermentino wines, that it boasts a regional wine museum.

And why not wander between particular rock formations, complete with a mysterious stone altar (?) full of symbols, an international enigma. The perfect place for a fine local wine at sunset.

The plain richness and passion, the fine details, the good humour, the slightly adventurous moments of… discovery. Here you will actually feel Sardinia anf it’s heart and soul, more than just touring around a bit, just superficially.

Come if you like heart & soul, unique stories, high class modest people, mysterious places, social connection, and if you like to laugh a lot too!