Winter solstice at Sardinia’s temple towers and labyrinths in 2018

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Winter solstice at Sardinia’s temple towers and labyrinths in 2018

Sardinia’s labyrinths and it’s temple towers alligned to winter solstice. On these old sacred sites Sardinian celebrated the principles that govern the eternal cycle of life, death and resurrection, in harmony with Mother Earth and the Cosmos. Fine places to celebrate the Winter Solstice, the moment of birth of new light, longer days.

On all sites, considering this Winter Solstice, we also focus on the archaeo-astronomical aspect, explaining how these prehistorical monuments are alligned astronomically and it’s on those very sites that we witness light phenomenons that are seen only on those days of the Winter Solstice.

Welcome to this intense discovery week. A (new) glimpse of deep prehistoric knowledge. Combining ratio and feeling. Also shedding light on your ideas about 2019.



Friday 14-12:
– arrival in capital Cagliari,
– transfer to area with finest female moon temple (Ori)

Saturday 15-12
– visit isolated female and male giant’s tomb, in nature (Mura)


– visit famous moon temple (Santa)
– transfer to place near biggest solstice temple (Mor)

Sunday 16-12
– sunrise solstice at highest prehistorical building in the Mediterranean, after the pyramids
– lunch at water temple / deserted village
– labyrinth visit same tower and sunset
– second night in Mores

Monday 17-12:
– rest and quiet transfer to hidden concentric circles in rock tomb Incan
– visit to labyrinth area (Bene)
– also visit to famous wine maker there
– night near there


Tuesday 18-12
– transfer to Bitti: labyrinth in watertemple (Roma)

– transfer to Abbasanta for Indiana Jones temple tower

Wednesday 19-12
– witness solstice sunrise in Indiana Jones temple tower
– visit other templetower (Zur or Lug)
– stay in Abbasanta area

Thursday 20-12
– beach day

Transfer to and stay in Santa Barbara area
Witness solstice allignment at sundown

Friday 21-12
– witness light phenomenon at sunrise (Santa)
– transfer to airport

– participate to the Life Passion Test, giving guidance on the Passion that we might nurture more in 2019.

Here a photo of such a light phenomenon visited by Sardinians in a temple tower.

Some Sardinians claim it is the birth of a young bull, male, fertility. The sun introducing it’s power, new power, more light, new light. (Remember the light above new born Jesus’ head: new light?)

So at Santa Barbara!

But others claim it is symbolically quite feminine, while it resembles this:

But then again, 30 minutes later the light transforms into this: a phallus after all?

Well, shall I call it a draw for us all? Meanwhile, on site you’ll hear more than one possible explanation… And maybe that’s just the point: male and feminin, both, together, as a complement of each other. Brilliant!

Basically: nobody really knows yet, and your spontananeous explanation might be just the one we were looking for?
So this is the time to come with your spontaneous insight, perhaps. Welcome!

From Friday 14 to Friday 21 December 2018, leaving from Brussels-Charleroi, and arriving at Cagliari Elmas. There are no direct flights from Holland.

All meals included, also lunches, and local wine at dinner table, and transport on the island, and guidance and interpreting. Also the outbound and inbound flight is included (until a maximum of 100 euro, so as long as you see the same price here, you don’t pay more than that).

Price applies to at least 4 people joining. For every extra participant, you all pay 50 euro less. Max 8. participants. For 4 persons the price is 1500 euro all including, even your return flight from Brussel-Charleroi to Cagliari (within 100 euro limits).

At – after the pyramids – the highest prehistorical building around the Mediterranean.

 Booking or enquiries:, 0031-6-11 33 45 11


Start: 14 December @ 8:00 am
End: 21 December @ 5:00 pm
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