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Have you heard about the Sardinian village that offers ‘houses for 1 euro in Ollolai?’ Come and explore and judge for yourself, personally. Assisted by a personal interpreter (for the group as well) and an expert-guide on Sardinia.

Based at a family run, authentic agriturismo next to Ollolai we are will explore this village and it’s fascinating Barbagia area: a bastion of independent feeling and super healthy old people.

Indeed we’ll personally explore the 9 success elements that in 5 Blue Zones around the world (Sardinia being one of them) allow people to reach such an advanced age in good health. And how can these 9 successelements be kept alive back home?

And the houses? How are they and how is the area? What does it take to buy them? We meet people that inform well and friendly.

And discovery? Sardinia is a special place on earth also for it’s peculiar prehistorical sites. Wouldn’t these huge ‘remains’ be world famous elsewhere?

(+3000 years old, tens of metres long and nobody knows…)

And healthy life? You probably heard about the Blue Zones in the world: many people there live up to a 100 in good health. Come and have a look, in present and deep history, and get a deep feel of the area.


– from 19 September to 23 September
– in and around the characteristical central Sardinian village of Ollolai
– we talk to people in the 1-euro-houses-organization and to families that have already made the step, buying a house here that cheaply
– the walks in the countryside and around prehistorical sites include illustrations of the 9 Blue Zone success-elements
– we stay at a still original agriturismo, in nature, between the hills, and on the top: marvellous view.
– dinner and breakfast are included, as wel as lunch picknicks in nature:

The group can only be 9 people in total, our minivan takes us from and to the airport and on the excursions. All from the farm in the hills around Ollolai, one of the highest villages in Sardinia, an authentic granite centre, a beautiful lake nearby. Provincial capital Nuoro is 30 minutes to the north. In 30 minutes around we find many many Sardinian gems, with the sea at 1,5 hours away. You are in the famous Barbagia region here, truly authentic. With villages that make part of the Sardinian Blue Zone too, all at a few kms distance. Picture a mountainous area, winding roads, forests, rocks, lakes, authentic culture in every village, deeply rooted into even.

Foto’s of Ollolai on Tripadvisor.
One of the major Dutch news sites writes on the subject.


  • Daily walking in nature, also of Blue Zone related places

  • Going into Uncommon Sardinia, including meeting characteristical people, with me as your personal interpreter.

  • Of course also meeting people in and around the village where they sell houses at 1 euro.


The agriturismo in the hills around Ollolai, 5 minutes away, is pure and simple, based on what the land and animals can give, very locally. The cook is inventive and creates quality with little, because the ingredients are tasty. Friendly familiar atmosphere, no luxury needed to be happy. They prepare what they cooked a 100 year ago too, and that makes them real pro’s here too.

They are wide open to the world, but just simply prefer staying Sardinian. Period. They love to let you try and taste traditional things, and of course you are not obliged to try the famous maggot cheese. In all respect. They love to prepare things from local ingredients, local recipes. Sardinian style, as local as possible. The food is pure and delicious.

The famous Sardinian maggot cheese… Of course you can try some too 🙂


The agriturismo has four double rooms with en suite bathroom. And it has a big swimming pool, with cows looking at you 🙂

PRICE (double room occupancy)

1001 euro
+ 300 for a single


  • Shared return transfers airport Olbia-Ollolai

  • daily excursions around Blue Zone longevity & Uncommon Sardinia local prehistoric roots

  • all entry fees

  • 4 picknick lunches in nature

  • 4 nights in a traditional agriturismo in nature, full board including hpome made wine and water at dinner

  • all picknick lunches and breakfasts and dinners from the moment you land in Sardinia to the moment you leave, with local Sardinian ingredients

  • locally made liquors and coffee and wine and tea, free at dinner table

  • talking to the right locals concerning the ‘Buy a house for 1 euro here’-offer.


  • Return flight Amsterdam-Olbia on 18 September and 22 September, by Easyjet

  • Personal expenses, also drinks en route

  • Travel insurance and cancellation insurance


This package does not include your flight. Arrive on 19 September roughly together with us, then your transfer to Ollolai is included, travelling on the same minivan. Also the transfer back to Olbia is included, joining the others on the same minivan-travel. We can arrange for your flight other than via Easyjet, but flights are not daily. Following prices fluctuate daily, Sardinia has no daily flights with Easyject, nor with any other company. Call 0031611334511 to arrange your flight.

From Amsterdam:

– EasyJet from 18 September and back from Olbia on 22 September, non stop. Prices from 80 euro on.

But you might come from somewhere else: contact me at info@keepalivetours.com


  • WAIT until we confirm the accommodation for you. That will arrive 24 hours after your definitive booking.

  • Do arrange a travel insurance including cancellations.




We travel by minivan or spacious car. The experienced driver is your personal interpreter too.

Sardinie, herfst, opladen, mediteren, genieten

Via info@keepalivetours.com, 06-11 33 45 11, Samuele Pitzalis, The Hague, superb travel reviews

Flight prizes tend to take off to the air too, so don’t wait too long, please inform here: info@keepalivetours.com