During our trip to Sardinia this fall 2017 organised by Sam, we had the pleasure to experience his excellent tour guide services and deep knowledge of every corner, every custom of the island.

My son and myself were impressed by the outstanding service attitude demonstrated and the comprehensive knowledge of Sam about the destinations we visited on the way.

We enjoyed landscape and the beautiful mountains, wherever we went. Sam explained a lot about the culture, history, and led us to places, to see the local way of living: like the sheep bell makers small factory with a wonderful warm welcome (including a guide through the factory and of course with an invitation for a coffee) .

His passion for Sardinia led us to places, you will never ever get as tourist by yourself. We asked al local for directions and ended up tasting one of magnificent wines of the island.

Sam was always ready to serve the needs and extra wishes of the travellers as well as providing valuable insight information.

Through his friendly, always funny and service orientated way, Sam contributed to the great success of our tour with long-lasting and very positive memories of Sardinia.

Sam, thank you very much for this perfect week. We surely come back one day!

ps.: I did not write anything about the many nuraghes, we visited. I would be never as good as Sam to explain them.



A few weeks ago we discovered Sardinia along a two weeks route plotted by Sam/Keep Alive Tours. Custom made, based on our interests. We stayed in unique places, ate deliciously, visited spectacular sites, all things that we surely would not have discovered on our own! In short: an unforgettable experience. And we can recommend it highly!


I had been on a Sam-Sardinia-group tour before, and this year I asked him to plot a Sardinia tour specially for me and my wife. The result was a tailor-made programme that took us to sleep and eat at agriturismo’s on unique locations, walk in village festivals in the Barbagia region, wonder at peculiar buildings dating from far before Christ, plus many other tips to follow-up on during our trip. And still we had plenty of time for our walks in nature. We had two beautiful weeks in mountains and along the coast, savoured traditional dishes and met wonderful Sardinians. Very recommendable!


A 10 out of 10! What a great holiday with Sam. He is is so enthousiastical about his country and knows how to get to such marvelous places, full of energy… And then the stories around those places! Sardinia is still unspoilt, so let’s not go there? 🙂



Just came back home from a marvellous week on Sardinia. Tintling, so inspiring! Every day our minivan brought us to beautiful ancient prehistoric sites quiet forests with obsidian lying all over the ground, fields in bloom, beautiful beaches, flamingo’s on a lake. An this all in only one week! Every now and then a pleasant stop for a coffee or icecream.  Your enthousiasm is not a role you play its true and sincere. Every time again I saw and felt the passion and love in your way of speaking about your island, and with your Sardinian roots that enthousiams comes straight from the heart. Sardinia dull? NOT!!